Trapper walked out and saw her and he knew she was mad. She glared at him.

"Just what was he doing... he asked me to sing.. he didn't say he would."

Hawkeye came to her."Listen.. I thought it was together.. not trying a solo."


"That's it... you're not going to get that hundred.. which I don't have.."

"You have a smart mouth.."

He grabbed her arms."Right."

"Just for that.. I'm going to get that file.. Pierce.. and blow the whistle... there's something going on."

"Not a chance.. Margaret.. there's nothing... nothing at all." he walked away.

He headed to the office and saw Radar.

"The file... Radar.. on.. Captain..."

"Casey...sir.." Radar took out the file and held it in his hands.

"You didn't burn it?"

"I couldn't.. Major Houlihan was.. snooping.. in Colonel Blake's office."

"Now.. Radar."

"Yes, sir..."

"And. then we'll take your final exam... give me something to concentrate on... other than wanting to wring Major Houlihan's neck."

"Gee.. Hawkeye." Radar went to the stove and lit the match.

"Radar... don't trust a woman... any woman.... for that matter."

"Oh. no.. Hawkeye."

Radar got the envelope and heard the door open.

Margaret stood there."Okay... hand it over."

"This.. is not the file.. Major..it's my.. papers... for the test."

She frowned and went to the files and sifted through the drawers."Casey..... Casey... it's not here.. you have to have a file on every personnel."

Hawkeye looked at Radar and grinned. He grabbed her into an embrace and kissed her.

She was so shocked and she just kissed him back. Radar looked in the stove and sighed. He slipped outside unnoticed.

Hawkeye moved his face and looked at her."Yes?"

"What was I looking for?"

"You tell me."

"Pierce... um.. " she didn't let go of him."I'm.... sorry..."

"Yeah.. me too.. I wanted to.. wring your neck."

She bowed her head."Yeah."

"But I don't.. " he put his hands on her face.

"Captain... "Radar stood there."Someone is here.. um.. the jeep sir."

"Oh.. yeah.. " Hawkeye moved to the desk and wrote a note.

Captain Adam Casey stood there."What gave you the clue?"

"Well, Sergeant... that was the clue."


"So, why did you?"

"Hm... I passed myself off as a teacher, a lawyer and an engineer... I just didn't have the patience to go through it by the numbers."

"Well, until you.. finish med school.. don't come back.." Hawkeye handed him a note.

"You think I'm that good?"

"Anyone is better than Frank Burns."

Margaret slapped him on the arm."Pierce!"

"Sorry.. Major."

Adam looked at then note."Just great.. a.... "

"Massage Parlor." Radar giggled.

"I'm a Masseuse... this is.. wonderful."

Hawkeye's jaw nearly dropped. Margaret put her hands on his face and she knew... she knew what he was thinking.. but she sighed.

"Thank you.. Hawkeye.. I mean.. really thank you... and.. you know... "

"Casey.. or whatever your name is.."

"It's Schwartz.."

Hawkeye shook his head.'Schwartz' he muttered.

"Hawkeye..." Margaret waved her hand in his face.

He shook his head."Yeah."

"That was very nice." she whispered.


She took his hand and made him sit down. He pulled her on his lap. She leaned her head against him.

He just sat there and then the door opened. Radar looked at them.

"I don't suppose you want to help me.. with my exam?"

"Oh.. sure.. "

Margaret got up and Hawkeye pulled her back."Nope.. you can sit here."

"A test."

Radar nodded his head.

"To help me.."

"Oh.. yeah."

Margaret stood up."I'll wait here."

Hawkeye walked in the office with Radar.

Radar sat on the chair and got a paper and pencil.

Hawkeye took the envelope and pulled out the test.



"Who was one of the signers of the Constitution?"


"When was the Gettysburg Address?"

"Thomas Jefferson."

"Alright.. one more.. here are some dates. What does.. the year... 1776.... and... 1492....."

"Three thousand....two hundred sixty eight."

Hawkeye frowned and he wasn't concentrating.

"You want some wine?"


"You're date, sir.'

"My date.. "

"Yeah.. didn't you have a date. with Major Houlihan?"

"Yes, I did. Radar, you passed your exam... congratulations."

"Thank you.. Hawkeye."

"You can put your diploma next to Henry's."

"Yes.. sir."

Hawk walked out and didn't see her .. where was she? He walked to the Swamp and changed his things and then he heard a loud screech. He ran to Margaret's tent and looked in "Margaret." he called and heard it again and headed to the showers.

"Frank.. out.. leave me alone.. I'm taking a shower."

"Yeah.. and you'll have Pierce in here."


"Yeah.. why don't you.. do it... go out.. " he took her robe and slippers.

She ran after him and opened the door."NO!!"

"You want him... take him... you're just as bad as he is.... even worse."

Hawkeye ran to the door and grabbed her. She pushed him."NO!"

"Shh.. it's me."

She backed up and started to cry. He sighed and then turned around.

"Margaret.. you're wearing a towel"

"Hawkeye.. " she had tears on her face.

She moved to the shower and put her hands on the divider and put her head down.

Hawkeye saw Frank and grabbed his shirt."What do you think you're doing?"

"Well.. if it isn't.. the hot shot... of the camp."

"That isn't nice what you did to her."


"She doesn't deserve it."

"And you did... parading around.. in the Mess tent.."

"For a bet.... but that's different."

"I'm sure it isn't."

"Just leave her alone."

"Fine....and you two belong together.... I'm not taking her back.."


Hawkeye ran to the Swamp and got his robe for her and came in.

She was crying and he handed her the robe.

"Margaret... I didn't see."

She moved her head."We're even."

"For what?"

"I know you did."

"You looked at me?"


"I see."

She came around to him."I don't have any shoes."

"Well.... I'm getting warm.. I need a cold shower."

She moved to the other stall and put her head on her arms.

He took a breath and stood there."I'll carry you....if you don't mind getting more wet."

"Just fine by me." she whispered.

Hawkeye carried her outside and saw a group of people."What are you staring at..haven't you seen anyone take a shower.. before?"

Everyone walked back to their tents. Hawkeye didn't care right now and moved a hand to open the door.


"Radar... could you open this door."


Margaret looked at him"You passed the test."

"Yes.. Ma'am." Radar turned away.

She looked at Hawkeye."Good... Radar...."

"I'll let you two...."

Hawkeye set her down on her cot."I need to go.. and change.. um. it's late.. let's take a rain check.. tomorrow."

She smiled at him.and nodded."Yeah.. um... we'll do that."

He moved to her and kissed her chin. She put her hand on his face.

Radar moved away from their tent and went to the office. Henry was in the office.

"Radar isn't it time for bed?"

"Yes. sir."

"I'm heading for bed... too."

"So is Hawkeye."

"Yeah.. well.. tell me tomorrow."

"Good night Colonel."

"Night Radar."

Henry saw Hawkeye come out of Margaret's tent.

"Pierce... you're all wet.. what have you been doing?"

"Taking a shower."

"Saving water?"

"No.. Henry."

"I'm going to bed."

"Yes.. Henry."

Hawkeye walked in the Swamp and found dry things and then changed. Radar was outside and then came in.

Frank was inside and he glared at Hawkeye.

"Pierce.. you're an animal.. that's what you are... she wants to be an intellect and you treat her like... like an object...of desire.."

"Frank... go away.":

"I know what you want... she's not going to do that.."

"Maybe she wants that.. Frank... so.. take a shower."

"You just did.. "

"Sure did.. and it was the best one I ever had."

Hawkeye went in the tent and locked the door. He turned on the light and saw her asleep on the bed. She had a robe on and her hair was wet. She looked like an angel and he didn't have the heart to wake her up.

He moved to her and planted a kiss on her head."Sweet dreams." he pulled the covers up and stood there. He turned out her light and whistled and walked back to the Swamp to go to bed.

It was afternoon. the next day.. and Hawkeye sat in the chair outside the tent. He looked over at Margaret's tent and

shook his head.


Margaret walked out and saw him and she gave him a smile.

"You writing a letter?" She folded her arms.

He smiled at her."You have telepathy or something?.. I mentioned your name.."

She smiled at him."Yeah."

"How about I take a rain check on this letter and let you and my Dad know how things turn out okay?" he got up.

"Yeah.. you do that." she took his arm.

It was night time... and Hawkeye yawned as he looked at the sleeping Major. He tried not to grin and then he took his pencil and paper.....



The End

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