BCA Polls

Favorite Potter painting?

Charles screaming 435 (23%)
Group portait 468 (24%)
Hawkeye with his feet up 362 (19%)
Hawkeye with his tongue depressor tower 148 (8%)
Potter's thumb 174 (9%)
Klinger - Greek athlete 168 (9%)
Mulcahy - priest of the month 49 (3%)
Radar with his mail bag 112 (6%)
Total Votes: 1916

Thanks to Mike for the poll suggestion!

Please vote only once per poll! These results aren't scientific (of course) and this poll is just for fun. Yes, these are the only choices you get. And sure, Tuttle can be your answer for just about anything. You can email me suggestions for future polls, though I can't promise to use them all.