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PollTotal VotesOriginal Poll DateAlready Voted?
Who was your favorite Captain?101711/1/2015No
What was your favorite song?3332/18/2015No
If you had a personal problem, whose advice would you want?8816/13/2013No
What's the best recurring joke on the series?20029/25/2011No
Who is your favorite drunk?168010/17/2010No
Least favorite episode?8864/18/2010No
Favorite replacement character?124511/17/2009No
Are you getting the movie M*A*S*H on blu-ray?3689/20/2009No
How would you rate Gary Burghoff's book "To M*A*S*H and Back"?1858/12/2009No
Who would you want as your parents?12145/5/2009No
Which is your favorite pair?11722/24/2009No
Best character departure scene?21048/24/2008No
Whose impression of Fr. Mulcahy in "Movie Tonight" was best?22282/12/2008No
Which package from home would you like to get?21069/14/2007No
The saddest episode?21327/20/2007No
Who would you rather bunk with?26024/20/2007No
How would you rate Season 11?10253/2/2007No
Should they have featured Captain Pak more?9831/19/2007No
It's Boxing Day! Whose job do you want for a day?135312/20/2006No
Favorite extra on the complete series DVD set?61911/10/2006No
Were there too many stories centered around Hawkeye?17369/21/2006No
With the extra features on the "Complete Series" DVD set (see the M*A*S*H News) will you be buying it?7818/25/2006No
Favorite Capt. Spalding song?9378/1/2006No
Who would you want as a father?21556/19/2006No
How would you rate Season 10?7635/31/2006No
The departure of Trapper was...17615/11/2006No
Favorite practical joke episode?14744/3/2006No
Rate the DVD cover art for Season 106583/14/2006No
Who would you want to sit by at the Stateside dinner party?18512/1/2006No
How would you rate Season 9?103912/18/2005No
Favorite Home Movie?153911/19/2005No
Most interesting meeting that never happened?189810/24/2005No
Will you be reading Alan Alda's new book?10899/23/2005No
Favorite chopper pilot?14428/10/2005No
Favorite joke pulled on Frank?23207/6/2005No
Rate the Season 8 DVD cover art...8846/2/2005No
Who would you want to operate on you?21085/7/2005No
Better Henry?16334/15/2005No
What would you take?22953/12/2005No
Favorite married couple?53372/12/2005No
Best book about M*A*S*H?90612/21/2004No
Favorite headwear?223711/15/2004No
What DVD sets are you buying?145110/19/2004No
Favorite non-medical staff character?260410/2/2004No
Should they have killed off Henry?25399/13/2004No
Favorite Potter painting?19208/23/2004No
Better Margaret?18498/2/2004No
For lunch...17877/9/2004No
Favorite DVD cover art so far?11516/13/2004No
Which B.J. look do you prefer?22705/23/2004No
Best Swamp trio?33774/22/2004No
Where would you go on R&R?18504/2/2004No
Favorite Korean guest character?19163/14/2004No
Better Hawkeye?28353/14/2004No
Which do you prefer?24331/29/2004No
Favorite drink?22651/5/2004No
Best Santa Claus?207012/18/2003No
Better version of the theme song...217611/25/2003No
Better title for the pilot episode...189311/8/2003No
Favorite spouse?301410/16/2003No
Klinger's Most Creative Way To Leave the Army27699/25/2003No
Whom should Margaret have ended up with?34109/5/2003No
Favorite Frankism?27698/1/2003No
Hawkeye and...31277/16/2003No
DVD extras you most wish were on the sets?22907/1/2003No
Best Character Introduction Episode?24606/16/2003No
The M*A*S*H novels?14576/3/2003No
Where would you drown your sorrows?22635/18/2003No
Better name for M*A*S*H fans...22495/3/2003No
Favorite Klinger outfit?24084/17/2003No
Favorite of Radar's impressions?21054/4/2003No
Funnier seasons?25743/20/2003No
Best General?21123/2/2003No
Are you collecting the series from Fox?20092/16/2003No
Favorite Temporary Commanding Officer?23492/2/2003No
Last few seasons of the show...22181/15/2003No
What's your favorite Potterism?27771/1/2003No
Best Christmas Episode?209712/12/2002No
Best Trapper John?254611/29/2002No
Who was your favorite other bunk mate?267611/14/2002No
Favorite Cast?330210/26/2002No
Favorite Recurring Character?317210/8/2002No
Which character should they have kept?28919/24/2002No
Better second in command?26469/12/2002No
Did you have lunch with Tuttle?25168/27/2002No
Favorite Version of M*A*S*H?29198/15/2002No
Favorite celebrity guest star?26687/29/2002No
Where would you prefer to eat?28317/12/2002No
Better Sergeant?23776/23/2002No
Did you see M*A*S*H during its first run?28626/9/2002No
Best available nurse?30215/30/2002No
What did you think of the 30th Anniversary Reunion special?27815/17/2002No
Best available bachelor?33675/6/2002No
The laugh track....36504/21/2002No
Favorite Company Clerk32164/10/2002No
Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen...34113/28/2002No
Favorite CO?40873/15/2002No
Favorite partner-in-crime for Hawkeye?46313/3/2002No