"Visions of the Things To Be"

By Rob Morris

Story Statement: At Kira's suggestion, Keiko conducts a small Shinto ( Ancestor Reverence ) ceremony in the Bajoran shrine on DS9. The Orb Of Time then activates, displacing Keiko with her ancestor and look-alike, Soon-Lee Klinger ( Rosalind Chao's role on MASH / AfterMASH). Was this random, or did the Prophets have a hand in this? How to retrieve Keiko is not an issue. What purpose she might be there for is. Add to that an increasingly worried Max Klinger and perhaps the ultimate test of the sanctity of the confessional for Father Mulcahy. For good measure, throw in a clash of wills between Potter and Sisko - some personalities are too alike for their own good.

PG-13 (Sex is suggested, but it is not anywhere near the focus)

Romance - Bashir and the Pershing General Psychiatrist treating Max Klinger

Settings - DS9, in and around this past season (prior to finale), Missouri, June of 1955

Characters by Fox and Paramount, since I don't think I can get away with claiming them as my own.

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