Sprains and the Pain

by Miriam

It was a snowy day in Korea.

Attention All Personnel we have wounded. Watch out for icy spots.

Everyone rushed out of there tents to triage a few of them fell along the way including Margaret and BJ. Most of them were not hurt, but a few got some ankle sprains and Margaret dislocated her shoulder. When BJ came back for his second patient he fell and sprained his ankle.

Meanwhile Klinger was on the phone with I-Corps trying to get some ice remover.

Klinger: Sir we have people falling in the snow and ice trying to get to patients. We already have one surgeon with a sprained ankle and several nurses with injuries.

Lt. Paige: Corporal this is a luxury item do you understand? Let me speak to your...

Klinger: Hold for Colonel Potter sir.

Potter: Colonel Sherman Potter here my corporal is trying to make it safer for everyone to move in this weather without breaking their neck.

Lt.Paige: Sir I told Corporal Klinger ice melt is not an essential item but if you need any bug repellent I can ship you some.

Potter: Horse Hockey.

He hung up on him.

Hawkeye: Margaret I need you to give you an injection of pain killer before I set your shoulder.

Margaret: I can handle it I'm a big girl.

Hawkeye carefully popped Margaret's shoulder back in place. Margaret screamed as Hawkeye tried to reset it and put it in a sling.

Nurse Kellye: Here Is an ice pack Ma'am.

Margaret: I don't have time for ice we are a surgeon short and the wounded are piling up.

Potter came in.

Potter: Major we have been in tighter situations and I don't want to have my head nurse making an injury worse that's an order.

Margaret: But Sir, Captain Hunnicutt is injured as are other nurses. I must...

Potter: Major We can handle it go to your tent and rest your shoulder.

Back at the Swamp

Hawkeye: How are you doing Beej? Want a drink?

BJ: I'll live, sure I could use something strong.

Hawkeye: Sprains, strains and the pain of war.

BJ: And a dislocated shoulder.

Charles: We Winchesters are very good with snow we can ski, skate...

Attention all personnel choppers.


Charles fell on his way to the heliport.

Hawkeye: I thought you could handle snow.

Charles: PIERCE HELP ME UP!!!!!!

Hawkeye: Are you all right.

Charles: YES.

Margaret came out front.

Potter: Going to the little officers' room Major?

Margaret: (lying) Yes Sir.

Potter: Right.

They went into the O.R.

The End