Hawk and Trapper walked out just to see Radar sitting at his desk, " Radar can you get a hold of Henry?" Trapper asked.

"I am already trying." Radar responded

"Why do you want Henry?" Hawk asked.

"To see if we can get him back here before Ferret Face and Hot Lips make a total wreck of this place." Trapper said.

A few minutes of waiting in silence Radar breaks it " sorry sirs, I can't find him any where."

"Okay we can try again later. Thanks anyways Radar." Hawk said

A few hours later Hawk was on the way to the Mess Tent when he thought of Trapper in Post-Op. So he stopped in. " Hey Trapper want something to eat?"

"No I think that I would rather take my chances with a cup of coffee thanks! Can you get me one?" Trapper asked

"Kelley would you like one?" Hawk asked.

"No thanks!"

Hawk was in the Mess Tent when he ran into Father Mulcahy ," Hey Father."

"Good afternoon Hawkeye, how are you?" Father asked.

"Not so good father." Hawk admitted

"What is it?"

"Well, you must know Frank is in charge tell Henry comes back."


"Well he pulled a surprise inspection earlier and now he just put Trapper and I on 12 hour shifts in Post-Op." Hawk said as he pored a cup of coffee for Trapper. He never did get one for himself, " Well thanks Father. I will talk to you later I have to get a cup of coffee over to Trapper!"

"Any time Hawkeye."

Hawkeye opened the door that lead into Post-Op, " Hey Trapp," he said as he handed the cup of coffee to Trapper, " How long do you have left before I take over?"

"4 hours" Trapper replied with a yawn.

"Well I am going to get some sleep before I relieve you"

"Just don't rub it in Hawk."

Four hours late just as Hawk said he would he did relieve Trapp. " Good Morning Anderson."

"How can you all it morning? Its just after midnight."

"Exactly" Hawk said with a chuckle.

"Huh?" Anderson said in confusion.

"You will figure it out." Hawk said with a laugh, " Can you tell me what happened to this one?" Hawk asked standing over a young solder reading the chart.

"We had to reconstruct his liver, and there was minor damage to his stomach. But other then that he is doing not too bad."

"And then next one?"

"He had a punctured lung and some shrapnel in his left leg."

The next morning Frank was in his office when he called for radar, " You called sir?"

"Yes did you get General Hampton on the phone?"

"Yes sir I will send it right in, sir" Radar gestured

Frank picked up the phone, " Hello general ... yes sir ... we would be happy if you... You can... great... see you tomorrow." he hung up the phone just as Houlihan came in.

"Good Morning Major." Margaret greeted him, " did you get the general to come and inspect the camp?"

"Yes Margaret, and he will be coming tomorrow morning!"

"We have to get the camp ready for tomorrow them Frank."


Margaret walked into the nurse's tent, " Okay, I have a list of stuff for you guys to do. Bayliss you and Breslin will be re-organizing the supply tent, Cutler and Dish will be cleaning and organizing pre-op, Kelley and Baker will be cleaning and organizing O.R and me and Anderson will be cleaning and organizing post op. You got that and it will be starting in an hour giving you time to get read and have something to eat. I want you to do your best for if anything goes wrong it will and no exception be on report."

"Oh come on Major!" Bayliss whined

"You will do as I tell you to do!" Margaret said sternly!

Bayliss and Breslin were in the supply Tent re-organizing, " Why does the Major always have to get on our backs, why doesn't she just lay off?"

"I don't know Bayliss, but lets just get this done! I don't feel like going on report again!"

"I know what you mean. I will start at the back out you start here in the front!"


"Do you think we have to clean the floor too?" Dish asked while getting ready to clean and re-organize pre-op!

"Knowing Houlihan we have too" Cutler replied.

"Great, ever since Colonel Blake left and put Major Burns in charge things have been changing in the camp. And not for the good!"

"I know!"

"Lets just finish it okay?

"Sure " Cutler said.

Just starting to clean OR when Baker asked, " Do you think we could get some enlisted men to help us?"

"Are you kidding? Major Houlihan will kill up if we do?" Kelley answered

"Yeah your right. I think we should just do this so we don't go on report. Though I think I have been reported out!" Baker and Kelley laughed.

"Major, I have a question." Anderson asked as she started to clean Post-Op. Hawkeye just about to be relieved in an hour. Siting in a chair he watch Anderson and Margaret clean and organize.

"What is it Anderson?" Margaret said as she was cleaning around the solders.

"Why aren't you helping Kelley and Baker in OR. I am sure they could use your help more then I could." Anderson questioned.

"I will later, now just get to work Anderson." Margaret ordered.

"Yes Major!"

"Margaret, what happened to this one?" Hawkeye questioned. He was standing over a solder, which was just covered with bandages.

"We had to amputate on of his arms and he had lots of shrapnel close to his heart, Captain."

About an hour before Hawkeye was about to be relieved in less then a half hour when he heard Margaret screaming at Anderson, " You call this clean?"

"Yes Major, there is nothing wrong with Post-Op. It was clean before you told me to clean it!" Anderson said on the verge of screaming back, " Let me guess your going to report me again!"

"That's right. You haven't even organized Post-op!"

"But it is. There is nothing more you can do in there Major!"

Just then Hawk butted in, " Major can I talk to you please?" Hawk asked in a settle tone.

"Yes," then she turned to Anderson, " I want you in my Tent in an hour Anderson and we will finish it there! You hear me?"

"Yes Major!"

They were out side the Post-op doors when Margaret asked, " What do you, you want from me Pierce?"

"Ease up on Anderson, I think Post-op looks great, what more do you want from her?"

"Post-op is to be clean and organized for the wounded personal that come in are to heal from surgery. Its not to be a breading ground for post-op infection!" Margaret almost screamed.

"You don't think I know that? I am a doctor Margaret. And don't you think your being a little hard on the nurse that already do a great job, and I do mean a great job!" Hawk said leaning agents the wall.

Just then Trapper walks up, " Hey Hawk, what's going on here?"

"Its non of your business McIntyre, " Houlihan shot back at him, and then she walked away.

"What was Hot Lips all hipped up about?" Trapp asked confused.

"She got mad at me for telling her she should ease up on her nurses. She has them cleaning everything and re-organizing those things too!"

"Why?" Trapp asked.

"You got me, but also remember Ferret Face is in charge." Hawk answered.

"Maybe you should go ask him, as I have a 12 hour shift to finish now!" Trapp said.

"Right, see you tonight!"

Hawk walked into Frank's office, " What do you want Pierce?" Frank snarled.

"What do you think, a drink!" Hawk joked.

"You really should be cleaning the Swamp! It's a disgrace." Frank ordered

"Why are we going to have another one of you joke of an inspection?"

"I am not inspecting, General Hampton is!"

"Frank you cant be serious. Henry will be back tomorrow."

"You don't think I know that? That is why the general will be here first thing in the morning, " Frank said with a laugh.

"So what do you plan on doing? Changing the whole camp around?" Hawk asked.

"What's your point Pierce?"

"Do you plan on making everyone work tell General Hampton shows up? Don't you think that the camp is good enough already? Or is it so you being in charge and having the camp over 100% on your recorder?"

"Pierce its none of your business what my plans are. You have just better have the Swamp clean by 15 hundred hours." Frank ordered.

"It is fine as it is Frank! If you even touch one sec of dust you will pay!" Hawkeye threatened, as he left having enough of Frank's attitude.

Later in the Swamp, Hawk was reading one of his nudists magazines, and drinking Lighter Fluid ( his home made Martinis ), when Frank came in, " I thought I told you to clean!?!" Frank yelled.

"Frank cant you see I did. My laundry is mixed in with yours! And its on your bed so I clean mine and Trapp's side, its yours that messy!"

Franks spattered when he saw is bunk, " How dare you!"

"Aw, Frank ..." Hawk was interrupted by a voice on the intercom.

"Attention, Attention Incoming wounded, it's a small batch people!"

Hawk and Frank ran out side to meat the Ambulance.

"Is this all of them?" Hawk was the medic.


"Klinger get this one inside on the double." Hawk said.

"Hawk, come look at this one," Trapp said as he was already behind Hawk.

"He needs a Bowel Resection. Radar get this one in x-rays!" Hawk ordered.

"Yes sir."

There was only about 6-wounded personal that came in on the Ambulance.

"Diva Retractor nurse. " Frank shot.

"Yes sir, here you go Doctor," Bayliss said has she handed him the retractor.

Hawkeye starts to sing as he usually does in OR, "Someone sharing a delight oh Chit of this and that and cocktails for two"

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