Hail and Farewell Henry

by Miriam

(At the end of Abyssinia Henry the staff found out he died) This Is what you didn't see.

Radar goes into Father Mulcahy's tent deeply saddened.

Radar: Colonel Blake was like a father to me.

Fr. Mulcahy: His loss is a deep tragedy to everyone.

Radar: Except Major Burns.He was waiting to become C.O.

Fr. Mulcahy: He did not want anyone to die.

Meanwhile at the Swamp

Hawkeye: This is the worst news I ever heard.

Trapper: Good men die Hawk,it the reality of war.

Hawkeye: Henry was more of brother then a C.O. to us. He was a one of the reasons I didn't go insane. He had a wife, he had children,he had us. He was only 44.

Trapper: What about all the others who never made it home?

Frank walks in selfishly happy.

Frank: I'm in charge now.

Trapper: Damn it Frank,Henry just died.Instead of acting like a jackass...

Hawkeye: It's not an act.

Trapper: Why don't you console Hot Lips

Frank: For your information I was going to ask one of you clowns to deliver a eulogy. I guess I will do it.

Hawkeye: I'll do it Frank

At the funeral

The 4077 gathers in the mess tent

Fr. Mulcahy: Henry Blake is why we are here.Let it be known he did not die in vain.He died because of the evil of war.He will be with each and everyone of us. Our prayers are with his wife and family.May his soul rest in peace.

Nurses sing "Let There Be peace on Earth" and let it begin with Henry.

Fr. Mulcahy: Captain Pierce will begin with the eulogy.

Pierce: Henry was one of the casualties,but his memory was not.He was A friend,a husband,a father and a good man.He will be with us for the rest of our lives.He left us much too soon.Let's not mourn, Henry would not want us to.

Taps is played and the flag is lowered to half-mast.

The End