Well, I can see that someone has cleverly mixed Tolkien and the 4077. That's very creative, but I want to speak up for one of my favorite authors, J. K. Rowling. I think despite the language barrier, that Radar and Harry make a great team.

My apologies to 20th Century Fox for taking so many liberties with Henry Blake, but the Harry Potter Lexicon clearly states that only a wizard is able to come back as a ghost and thus, much to the surprise of his creators, that has been Henry's great secret. Well, how else did he survive the latrine exploding?

One of the things that draws me to M*A*S*H is the closeness of the characters and their concern for each other, even though they all come from different backgrounds. I have tried to capture this love and warmth and also to contrast it with Flagg's attitude. I've also tried to make sure that the lesson would be passed down that love is stronger than war. If I have succeeded, then you will forgive me for embellishing some parts.

Flagg Unfurled

by Jude Black

Chapter 1

Mad-Eye Moody looked intently at the boy standing before him. "What I'm going to teach you is very progressive magic for your age, even more so than the Patronius Charm," he warned. His magical eye darted around the room. "No one else must realize that you know any of this. Not even Ron and Hermione. You got that?"

"Professor Dumbledore will know about it," Harry Potter said confidently. "Somehow, he always knows."

Moody nodded. "And he'll stop us if he thinks he should. There are strict laws about teaching Legilimency, especially to underage wizards. Nevertheless, it's something you need to know so we'll just work on it until someone catches us, eh?"

"I already learned some Occumency. What's the difference?" Harry protested.

"Occumency means keeping your mind closed," Mad-Eye lectured in an impatient growl. "Legilimency is much more. You open your mind to perceive the thoughts of others."

"You mean you're going to teach me to read minds?" Harry asked eagerly.

Moody shook his head. "That's too advanced, even for you. What I'm trying to show you is a minor form called Oculus Impero. You use it to control your opponent's actions through eye contact. No waving a wand at all, just an incantation." His magical eye focused on Harry, challenging him. "Think you can do that, boy?"

Harry squared his shoulders. "I have to try, don't I? How do we start?"

Moody nodded approvingly. "We start with that stool in the corner. You watch me do it first." The old wizard drew himself up and glared balefully at the inoffensive stool. "Hortor!"

The stool rocked back and forth a couple of times. Then it glided meekly across the floor and stopped in front of Moody. "There, you see? Much easier to start with inanimate objects and work your way up to animals and then humans." Mad-Eye glanced over at Harry. "You try it, eh?"

He stepped aside and Harry positioned himself in front of the stool. "Make eye contact and maintain it," Moody ordered. "Don't lose it, whatever you do."

Harry stared as hard as he could at the stool. He had never wanted to blink so badly in his entire life. "What about my glasses? Will they be in the way?"

"Nope, never mind 'em. Keep that eye contact steady," Moody instructed. "Now, in your mind's eye, picture what you want to happen. Move the stool back into the corner." Harry concentrated until he was about to burst. "And the incantation? What do you say?" Moody demanded.

"Hortor!" Harry cried. The stool leapt across the worn carpet and cowered in the corner like a whipped pup, if a plain wooden stool can be said to cower.

Moody raised an eyebrow. "Well, I thought this might come in handy in situations where you couldn't use your wand. I didn't know you'd take to it like this." He gave Harry one of his piercing looks. "How old are you now, Potter?"

"I was sixteen at the end of July," Harry replied breathlessly. He was panting as if he'd just run a mile. His muscles trembled and his eyes stung.

"I've seen wizards twice your age that couldn't master this trick," Mad-Eye mused. He returned his attention to Harry. "That's enough for today then. We'll pick up again tomorrow."

"Yes, sir," Harry answered. "Thank you, sir."

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