When we all got back to the 4077th MASH, my parents had a long jeep ride to discuss keeping their adventure in Seoul a secret at least for awhile. As we drove into the compound my father honked the horn of the jeep. I could here a crowd of joyful people surround it. "It is great to have you back," the older voice of Colonel Potter said, "We missed the best doc and nurse. Certainly could have used you a few times this past week."

"How are you Margaret?" the voice of BJ Hunnicutt asked. "You have some color in your face. How did everything go in Seoul?"

"Okay," my mother said. "Colonel can I talk to you in your office?"

"Of course, Margaret. Why don't you give resettle in your tent, and come by in an hour or so, a nice nap might do you some good."

"Sure Colonel," my father said, "I'll help her."

"All right Pierce."

We walked across the compound towards her tent. My mother threw herself on her cot when we got in. "I think I am going to take that nap. I am exhausted."

"All right Margaret," my father said with a comforting tone. "I am heading to the Swamp, but you know where I am if you need me." He bent down and kissed my mother, and patted me. "I love you." Moments later the door of her tent slammed shut.

Hawkeye walked to the tent, and noticed for the first time how much the sun gleamed on his wedding band. The finger that used to be alone was now the one gaining the most attention from the sun.

So how did everything go?" BJ Hunnicutt asked his best friend as he sat down in the Swamp.

"Good," Hawkeye said, "Margaret is pregnant."

"Really?" BJ asked. "How is she taking it?"

"She took it hard at first, but she is handling it very well now," He said.

"Care for a drink?" BJ offered as he filled a glass for himself from the still.

"No thanks," Hawkeye declined.

"Hawkeye Pierce not wanting a drink?" BJ asked in shock. "Is everything okay?" He stopped a moment. "When I asked how Margaret was taking it I neglected to ask how you were taking it. I know that you are in love with Margaret and this pretty much closes the deal of the Penobscott's marriage, huh?"

"No, it isn't that," Hawkeye said not wanting to get into details. "I am going to cut back on my drinking, that's all."

"Hawkeye," BJ said, "You tried this before. You drove everyone else to drink. Everyone understands. A drink or two really does help the pain of this place."

"No Beej," Hawkeye said about his child, "I am cutting back for a reason."

"Hawk," BJ sounded concerned, "When you were in Seoul you didn't find out you were dying did you?"

"Of course not," Hawkeye said with a chuckle.

"You just seem a little different, that's all," BJ explained.

"If is makes you feel any better I will have a small drink," Hawkeye told his best friend. As he reached for a glass, the sun reflected the light of his ring, and blinded BJ.

"Hawkeye what the hell is that?" BJ asked in total confusion at his blinding. He knew for a fact that Hawkeye Pierce did not wear jewelry.

"Oh this?" Hawkeye acted casually. "It's nothing."

"Like hell it is," BJ was annoyed at his dismissal of the question. "You pick it up in Seoul?"

"As a matter of fact I did," Hawkeye told BJ.

"You know," his friend shared, "That looks rather expensive. It also looks remotely like the ring that I wear on my left ring finger."

"I saw it," Hawkeye said, "and I liked it."

"Right," BJ responded not believing Hawk's story for a minute, "You know when I picked up a ring like that it was part of a set, and Peg was attached to the other one."

"That's nice," Hawkeye said still not giving any information away.

"If I didn't know you any better I would assume that you picked up a wife in Seoul but your not like that Hawkeye, are you," BJ told his friend.

"Oh am I?" Hawkeye was now amused with this game.

"Hawkeye tell me what happened," BJ then threatened, "Or I will go through your luggage."

"Check it. I am clean," Hawkeye dared his friend.

"Now you aren't playing fair," BJ started to whine.

"Aren't I?" Hawkeye was thoroughly amused. "Okay, okay," he cracked, "I hate to see a grown man cry. Especially my best friend. What do you want to know."

"I want every detail of your trip to Seoul," BJ started, "What happened with Margaret, how you got away from her long enough to meet a woman and get hitched. What Mrs. Pierce is like, every single detail."

"First of all," Hawkeye corrected BJ, "I wasn't out of Margaret's sight for very long or rather she wasn't out of my sight. She had me really worried."

"Oh? How did this ring come about then?" BJ continued to interrogate. "Is she a nurse?"

"Yes." Hawkeye answered.

"So you aren't denying you got married?"


"Are you going to elaborate?"


"Hawkeye," BJ sounded irritated.

"Okay," Hawkeye said, "We got to Seoul pretty late. Margaret was exhausted. She told me we needed to talk, but ended up crying herself to sleep in my arms that night."

"Hawk," BJ said, "She's a married woman, and you have taken noticed her condition."

"You are correct now," Hawkeye told him slyly. "Margaret told me the next morning that she and Donald had gotten a divorce, but kept it hush, hush here in the camp."

"This is getting interesting," BJ said inquired, "What about the baby?"

"Apparently, Margaret and Donald haven't slept together in over six months," Hawkeye told him.

"But Hawk," BJ stopped him. "You and I both know that Margaret isn't six months pregnant."

"Exactly," Hawkeye said. "She is two months along."

"Wait if Donald isn't the father, then who is?" BJ asked. Then he tried some detective work, "Who was around two months ago that Margaret would have been with? Aren't you the least bit curious? Hawkeye?"


"No?" BJ asked surprised. "This is the biggest news in the camp in the longest time and you aren't the least bit curious. It isn't because you respect Margaret's privacy, that much is it?"

"Partly," Hawkeye told him, "But I don't need to be curious. I know."

"You know?" BJ sounded impressed. "How do you know?"

"Yes," Hawkeye said, "I know, because I was there." BJ let out a bellowing laugh, "You know, because you were there. Smartass, Hawk. Really, what is up with this."

"Beej," Hawkeye started, "Really I know because I was there. I am the father."

Still trying to control himself BJ laughed again. "Oh that's a good one, Hawk. You and Margaret. Right and it happened in Margaret's tent two months ago, and I didn't know about it? Or was it right here in the Swamp when Charles and I were out, and we didn't hear about it? You are delusional!"

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