"Because there is one unconscious in post-op that's why. It says here in her record that she graduated in top 10 in the same school as you. Were you close?" Potter asked.

"No, just an acquaintance. What happened to her?" Hawkeye asked almost in shock.

"Well you and I have seen a lot of injuries come through here but none like this, she wasn't beaten by a bomb shell or a bullet but with fists, she has bruises all over her."

"Not the normal casualty of war. What is a female Major General doing over here anyway."

"I don't know how she became a general at such a young age, but she was sent here to inspect all the MASH unit starting with ours. The Pentagon wants to do a check up to see what conditions we are working in."

"Not in the manner she was planned to get here."

"Well, she is going to be your patient now. You should go check up on her and have Hunnicutt fill you in before he leaves."

"I'm on it" said Hawkeye as he turned to head over to the swamp.

"Packing for vacation I see," said Hawkeye as he entered the swamp and plopped down on his cot.

"It's not a vacation, I'm just going to go for some lectures," BJ replied.

"Oh come on, 3 days in Tokyo and all you going to do is attend lectures? No girls, no drinks, no parties, no R&R? Why are they wasting the trip on you?!"

"Yes lectures No girls, Yes Drinks, Maybe parties, definitely some R&R and no you. I'll buy you something at the gift shop if you'd like but you have a special patient to attend to."

"Yeah, I know, Potter told me, did you have to go in?"

"Nothing big just some internal bleeding a couple of broken ribs and tons of bruises."

"What on earth happened to her?"

"Beats me (no pun intended). Your going to have to wait until she wakes up to find out."

"I'm on duty now any way, stop by before you leave in the morning, I want an attempt to steal your orders."

"Okay but I'm only doing it because your not Burns."

"Oh stop your making me blush." said Hawkeye. BJ finished packing and went to be and Hawkeye went to post-op to work his shift.

After Hawkeye made his rounds to all his patients then stopped to examine his new patient. She looked as bad as everyone said she did. 'How could anyone do this to you?' He thought out loud as he sat beside her.

"I guess I'm just not very popular." A weak voice said. She was awake.

"General! You awake, how are you feeling?"

"Please call me Marie and I feel like I've been hit by a train."

"You've been beaten very bad. Who did this to you?" Hawkeye asked.

"I...I don't remember...." Said Marie who now seemed to be lost in her own thoughts. Then, she looked up. "Your Hawkeye Pierce, aren't you?"

"What gave it away? Was it my charming smile, my eyes?"

"You owe me $5. I told you, you were going to be 1st in our class."

"Ah, see what I get for doubting a stranger." They both started laughing.

"It hurts to laugh."

"Well you get some rest, you need it." He didn't have to tell her twice. As fast as the words left Hawkeye's mouth she was fast asleep.

"Last chance to get my orders, did you come up with something good?" asked BJ ready to travel.

"I spent all night working hard and I have a whole $4.37 for you," Hawkeye answered.

"Just the amount of money I need for your gift."

"Well in that case I'm not giving it to you, you know how I feel about spending money all in one place."

"You have none left?"

"Oh your no fun, anymore."

"Thanks, I took lessons from Frank. How is our girl?"

"She woke up last night. She remembers me but not the people who did this to her."

"Sorry to interrupt Captains but your jeep is ready BJ," Radar reported.

"Well, Good luck."

"See you in 3 days." BJ and Radar both left as Frank entered.

"Ah, here to practice some more malpractice?" Hawkeye remarked. Frank just gave him a scolding look.

"Dismissed, Captain!"

"My pleasure. Nurse, if anything happens with this patient, I want you to come wake me," he said pointing to Marie.

"Yes, Doctor."

As Hawkeye was walking down to the swamp, he started to think about the conversation he had had that night. 'She was beaten to about an inch of her life and all she has to do is smile even joke about it.' Took off his boots and laid down on his cot. 'I'll talk to her again, when we both have more energy.' Then almost immediately fell asleep.

"Hawkeye! Hawkeye!"

"What is it Radar?" said Hawkeye half asleep.

"The kid that you had to 'Dance around his stomach' to get the shrapnel out, his Fever is 104.2. They can't get it to go down."

"Damn!" He said as he jumped out of bed and rushed over to post-op. When he got there he felt the kids head and looked at his wound.

"Penicillin didn't work," informed Margaret.

"I'm going to have to go back in. Prep him," he said to the stand by nurse. "I'm going to need your help Margaret." Margaret nodded. And they both headed to scrub up.

When they got out of surgery, Marie was sitting up, writing a letter. Hawkeye walked out of the OR and double checked on his patient. After a minute he noticed that she was awake and went over to her. "How are you feeling?" he asked, looking at her chart.

"I'm feeling just fine," she replied putting down her letter.

"Who are you writing to?"

"My brother. Only family I have left. Both of my parents are dead. Both died of a disease. My mom had scarlet fever."

"And your Dad?"

"Had a terrible case of war."

"Ah, we are working on a cure for that."

"Well, we already have a name for it, Peace." There was a brief silence. "So, Doctor, When will I be able to be up and about. I have MASH units to inspect, roads to travel, bullets to dodge, bombs to take cover from."

"Forget dodging bullets, how about dodging fists." Marie just looked at him. "Would you like to talk about it?"

"I can't."

"It usually makes people feel better if they just talk about it. We have a priest who would be happy to be at your service."

"Yes, but I'm afraid that there is more at stake then just my feelings."

"Sir," Radar came in. "There is a secret agent out side to talk to you about the General."

"Okay, I'll be right there. I'll be back to talk to you later." Hawkeye said to Marie before walking out of Post-op. He stepped outside where the agent was waiting.

"I believe you have a General in your care," he said before Hawkeye had a chance to greet him.

"Yes, she is healing which is what she needs to be doing right now," said Hawkeye who did not like the sound of his tone.

"As soon as she is able to travel she will be coming with me."

"What do you want with her?"

"She is to come with me she may return pending investigation. May I see her?"

"Sure, right through here." said Hawkeye reluctantly. He had a bad feeling about this guy but he had no reason to stop him from seeing her. Marie looked up and to her surprise she saw the agent.

"What are you doing here!?!" she asked crossly. Hawkeye was confused, she obviously knew the man. The man looked at Hawkeye. "Could I speak to her alone?" he asked. Hawkeye looked at Marie to see if she was okay. She nodded.

"If you need anything I'll be over there," he said pointing. He stood there for a second longer then sighed and walked away.

"Did you say anything to them?" the man asked desperately.

"No, your nasty little secret is safe... for now but if anything happens to those children-" She was cut off.

"You are in no position to be making threats, you may be a General but I am the one in charge here," the man threatened. Hawkeye saw that they were arguing from across the room and decided that it was enough.

"If you are done disturbing my patient, you can leave."

"I'm a Major, I out rank you Captain!"


"Just you wait-"

"OUT!!" Hawkeye shouted. The Major turned and stomped out of post-op. Hawkeye turned to look at Marie.

"Thank You, Hawkeye."

"Who was that guy?"

"It's a long story."

"I have time; I mean what else is there to do? Plus, stories, I love stories."

"Not here. Can we go somewhere else or I guess the proper question would be: Will you let me out of bed?"

"Oh no we only let the unconscious walk around." Hawkeye smiled.

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