The Crisis, You Say!

by Rob Morris

Series : MIS - The M*A*S*H* amalgams T*R*E*K* and J*L*A*, crossed over; T*R*E*K* created by Paul Gadzikowski; J*L*A* created by Rob Morris; MASH owned by Fox; ST owned by Paramount; JLA owned by Time-Warner

Rating : PG13, for violence and occas. lang, innuendo

Story Adapted : Crisis On Infinite Earths

Time-Setting : Early in the J*L*A*'s career, 3 months after the defeat of Warday; 1 year after the expulsion of a member gone wrong. Late in the careers of the TOS-based T*R*E*K*, roughly corresponding to post-TFF in TOS movie continuity.

Cast : J*L*A* and allies- Hawkeye Kent, aka Superman; Princess Margarata of Themyscira, aka Wonder Woman 2; Frank Burns, aka The Batman; Trapper Hal Jordan, aka Green Lantern 3; Sidney Freedman, aka Aquaman; Klingar Hol of Thanagar, aka Hawkman; Samantha Kent Stephens, aka Supergirl; Mulcahet of The Guardians, aka Father Fate; Nicholas Knight, aka The Spectre; Sherman T. Garrick, aka The Flash 1; Barry Blake, aka Flash 2; Wally O'Reilly, aka Kid Flash Cha'arls Win'ch'tr, aka Martian Manhunter.

Cast : T*R*E*K* - Admiral Sherman Potter, awaiting assignment to Excelsior; Captain Hawkeye Pierce, Commanding USS Enterprise; Tharls of Clan Wyn Katar on Andor, First Officer; Srank, son of Subrn, a full Vulcan, Science Officer; Radar O'Reilly, half-Vulcan Comm Officer, son of Vulcan Ambassador T'Dna and her human husband; Assistant Medical Officer Father Doctor Francis Mulcahy, also Ship's Chaplain; CMO Doctor Margaret Houlihan; Chief Engineer BJ Hunnicutt; Refit Overseer and Former Chief Engineer Trapper John McIntyre; Former Director Of Tantalus Penal Rehab Colony, Doctor Sidney Freedman; Lt. Cmdr. Paul Revere Pierce, son of Hawkeye's brother, Dan Pierce, Jr, and the late Captain Henry Blake's sister, Pauline.

Summary : Something is altering the baseline structure of whole universes. This is more than a job for Superman, or even for Captain Pierce. Can the combined teams oppose Death--when this time, its personal?



"Are you a complete idjit?"

Sherman Garrick, aged 14, decided that he hadn't lied about his age to trip over fools clumsier than he.

"I'm--I'm sorry---Admiral Potter, sir."

Garrick looked up from the puddle, a mix of settled nerve gasses, spent fuels, and wasted gunpowder.

"Wrong man, wrong rank, wrong branch of the service, pal! Bad enough that the other fellas are callin' me for Kid Leadfoot! The Captain barely tolerates me here as it stands. Now, help me up before...."

The rain started, and Sherm shook his head.

"Wonderbar! Ok, now help me up before I get struck by......"

The other man shrieked as lightning struck the puddle Garrick found himself in. Sherman Garrick was too stunned to shriek. In fact--he now felt pretty darned good.

"Never heard of lightning doing that to a man before. You ok, pal?"

But the odd fellow in the red tunic was nowhere to be seen. Then, Sherm heard his Sargeant.

"Kid Leadfoot--shake it! The Captain's been hit!"

Since bandaging up his comrades' wounds was the only work he was allowed, Garrick turned to run the deadly 1000 yards--only to find he was already there. To his shock, he had bandaged his Captain just as quickly--with no mistakes.

"You Ok, sir?"

The Captain was a plain-speaking man.

"I'll be damned, Private Garrick. It seems that our Kid Leadfoot has become a blasted Kid Flash! Now go and help the other men, son!"

"Aye, Cap'n!"

He was away faster than they knew to be possible. Flatly--it was wholly impossible, for man or beast to move that quickly.

"Captain--he's amazing!"

Captain Harry S. Truman kept looking at the expertly tended wound on his arm.

"He is that, Sergeant. But I can't help but feel that an impossibly powerful new force has been unleashed by me upon an unsuspecting world."

In limbo, the man who had tripped Garrick into destiny felt himself wrenched away yet again.


Suklink pointed at the brig cell.

"Captain Hogan. I must feel that this oddly-garbed human was part of an effort to smuggle out aspects of Vulcan technology your species is as yet unready for. Remember--no such transfer has ever ocurred under my watch."

Captain Robert Hogan nodded.

"We all know that, sir. The crew all has the deepest respect for you. Don't we, Mister Kinch?"

First Officer Ivan Kinchloe nodded.

"Oh, absolutely. In fact, LeBeau has been trying ever so hard to replicate Plomeek soup for your birthday, Suklink."

"Birthdays are a very human waste of time. But I will choose to allow it."

"Captain To The Bridge! Sir--this is downright wonky!"

"Hogan here--we'll be right up. What is it?"

The Britisher paused.

"Itsa big red wall of anti-matter sir--but its not quite right."

Hogan rolled his eyes.

"Big red walls of anti-matter rarely are."

The prisoner yelled out before vanishing.

"No! Its too soon! Captain Hogan--its here too sooon....."

Kinch shrugged.

"Strange kid."

Hogan nodded.

"But I liked that uniform."

Up on the Bridge, Hogan stared dumbfounded at what approached his ship.


MAINE, 1957

Dan Kent changed his tire, and glared at the stranger.

"Standing in the road like that! Why people like you don't just sleep it off is beyond me."

Martha Benjamin Kent tried to comfort the man with some tea from a thermos.

"Daniel, stop it! He isn't drunk, though I've never seen a soul more badly confused since we broke into Mister Schickelgruber's bunker. That maniac had kids guarding him, by then."

The man rubbed his always-aching head.

"Mister Schickel---who?"

Dan shrugged.

"You know--The Great Dictator--Uncle Adolf?"

The man now shrugged.

"Your uncle was a dictator?"

Dan gave up.

"You're right, Martha--he isn't drunk. Just an escaped looney."

The man took a swing at Dan, suddenly angry.

"Everyone calls me a looney--but I'm not!!"

If Dan was about to return the favor, the sky interrupted them. The visitor looked up.

"In the sky! That pod is about to crash! Follow me!"

For some reason they did, but the stranger shook his head.

"Who's ever in there is finished. No way to slow their descent."

Daniel Webster Kent had once been another man, before the HUAC hearings. So it was that Alan Randolph Scott raised his hand and swore an oath.

"In Brightest Day, Or Darkest Night, No Evil Shall Escape My Sight-- And I Will Shed My Power O'er Dark Evil, For Dark Things Cannot Stand The Light--The Light Of Green Lantern!"

Earth's first Green Lantern lowered the pod with ease. Opening it was another story.

"It must have pulverized wood from the brush, or something. My ring won't affect it."

The stranger now proved his worth.

"I've seen this before. Its a sonic lock."

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