by Miriam

It is Christmas 1958 Margaret and Hawkeye are married and living in Crabapple Cove. They live with Hawkeye's father Daniel and their two twin 4year old daughters Henrietta (named for Henry) and Cora. Margaret has been out of the Army for 3 years and earned the rank of Lt. Colonel. Six months ago they found out Colonel Potter died of a heart attack. Every year around Christmastime they host a party for their friends from the 4077.

The Pierces just finished putting up the Christmas Tree when the doorbell rang Margaret answered the door as Cora and Henrietta raced downstairs.

"Uncle BJ they screamed."

Peg walked in with Erin and Mike holding a tin of homemade cookies.

"Beej sit down ,would you like a drink?" asked Hawkeye

"I don't drink anymore,"said BJ.One for old time sake maybe."

"Come on down the basement" Hawkeye said.

They went downstairs.

"Hawk you kept that thing(the still)."

"Homemade gin just like mother used to make."

An hour later the rest of the gang arrived.

"Let me help you in the kitchen" came from the very familiar voice of a recently divorced Igor.

"Not after what you did in Korea" they all laughed.

"I can cook now" he said.

"You are 4 years to late" Charles snarled.

Dinner was ready and delicious. Father Mulcahy said Grace along with Daniel.

"Before we eat let's have a moment of silence in memory of those that never made it home." There was a pause "...Amen"

At the end of the meal they proposed a toast to the late Colonel Potter and the late Lt. Colonel Henry Blake.

The End

In memory of all Veterans of all wars. Your sacrifice will never be forgotten. In memory of McLean Stevenson and Larry Linville