"I can help him. Stand him up!" said the diminutive Phoebe.

"What are you doing?" asked Hawkeye as he was assisting her.

Phoebe made a fist, applied pressure under his ribcage and pushed in several times. The patient gasped each time Phoebe squeezed and then he spit out the piece of mask. Returning him to her bed, Hawkeye checked his breathing and pulse.

"That was incredible! His vital signs are back to normal. Thank you, Halliwell. What did you just do?" asked very perplexed doctor,

"Heimlich maneuver. It's really for people choking on food. My sister taught me," said Pheebs covering up "her" patient.

"Well, thank God for your sister. Another nurse?" asked Hawkeye.

"Nope, chef," replied Phoebe.

The morning calm was broken when Colonel Potter, Major Houlihan and Major Burns, came rushing into the ward.

"What is in the blue blazes is going on in here? These patients need their rest and I can here the noise halfway across the compound!" cried Colonel Potter still in his sleeping attire.

"Pierce and Halliwell, I might have known. Get out, Halliwell. You are on double shifts until further notice!" cried Houlihan.

"Hold it, Margaret. Your nurse just saved this patient from choking to death. She performed brilliantly," said Hawkeye glaring at her.

Phoebe just stood there and glowed.

"If I had opened up his trachea like I planned, he would have been here recovering for four or five extra days. Now he's sleeping peacefully. You should be thanking her, Margaret!" said Hawkeye

Potter leaned over and examined the soldier. "He's doing find. Good work Halliwell. I want a full report on what you did. Maybe you can demonstrate your technique to the whole hospital staff. BURNS, you were on duty and this was your patient. Where in the name of General Grant's horse were you?" Colonel Potter said furiously.

"Well, ah, I had to check on supplies and.." stammered the weak chinned Major Burns.

"The Majors were probably checking out each others privates. Which is infinitely better than Frank sitting around here with own little malpractice," said Hawkeye.

"That is an abomination, I never! Colonel I protest. Captain Pierce is tying to make a monkey out of me," screamed Frank.

"Better that than a surgeon," said Hawkeye.

Phoebe was laughing at the sight of this argument in person.

"Colonel, I protest the insinuation that Captain Pierce is making. I..." screamed Major Houlihan.

"ENOUGH! I will not have my doctors and nurses bickering like this. This boy is fine; we're all tired after a long operating session. Stop it now can it before you're all on report. (Silence) Good! BURNS in my OFFICE! NOW!" said Colonel Potter.

All three headed for his office as Hawkeye slowly followed them. "Excuse me, lieutenant. I'm going to head for a little shuteye too. Wake me in 1963. And thanks for that fancy hug. You're a treasure. Bye!" sad Hawkeye.

Phoebe just smiled and watched the sun slowly climb higher in the sky.

Two days later Phoebe found herself looking in the mirror as she adjusted her Army nurse's uniform.

"Boy, are you lucky. A whole weekend in Seoul with Hawkeye. You are so lucky. He is so dreamy. He has the looks of Alan Ladd and the sense of humor of Bob Hope!" gushed Lieutenant Baker.

"Yea, this is definitely a schoolgirl dream. I just wander how far it can go in this "G" rated television world?" Phoebe said partly to herself.

"What? Oh and don't let him take you to Mr. Kim's Bath and Tea Room. You know everyone baths together in that place! I mean without any clothes on!" said Baker.

"Got it. Well, here it goes," said Pheebs as Hawkeye pulled up in the jeep and beeped.

"Next stop Seoul, Lieutenant!" said Hawkeye now shaved and dressed in his full uniform.

Phoebe threw her gear in the backseat and climbed in as they headed out of camp under the sign that proclaimed "M*A*S*H 4077th. Best care anywhere."

"Your little Helmsly maneuver really got Potter's attention. Radar didn't even need to seek our passes into his other paperwork. It must be his little thank you. And 48 hours! This is GREAT! I could really use a break and there is no one I'd rather spent it than with you, Phoebe. You just don't look and act like any of the other nurses who come through here," said Hawkeye.

"Believe me. I am not like any of those other nurses," said Pheebs.

"Yea, what is that little fainting bit you do occasionally?" asked Hawkeye. "And then you have some of the craziest notions."

"Well, sometimes I can see the future. Not all the time, just when trouble comes around," sighed Phoebe wishing it were her sisters she was helping.

"Care to try out the We Jom Bu Bar and Casino sometime? They have the most marvelous martinis. The motor pool also uses it to strip rust off the undercarriages of the jeeps," quipped Hawkeye.

"You are a regular Jim Carrey! But no, I can't use it for personal gain. If I could, I'd be home in the best house in San Francisco right now," lamented Phoebe.

"Don't leave your profession, Phoebe. You are the most caring and sensitive nurse I've seen in a long time. We don't get much of that two miles from the front," said Hawkeye honestly.

"Ya, I guess that might be a good calling. If I ever get back and get through college!" said Pheebs as she found herself in anther premonition.

"Uh, Phoebe. Are you OK?" said Hawkeye as he stopped the jeep.

"Keep going, Hawkeye. You see that turn up ahead? There's a jeep overturned down the hill! People are hurt in it," said Phoebe pointing to the next bend.

"Lieutenant, I don't see anything," said Hawkeye.

"Stop here!" Pheebs told the doctor. She hurried down the hill and among some trees hidden from view was a jeep with two wounded men in it.

"My God, Phoebe. No one would ever have seen this accident. GO get my medical bag!" cried Hawkeye as he rolled up his sleeves.

Hours later at a Chinese restaurant surrounded by candlelight and music Hawkeye and Phoebe raised their glasses.

"To the most enchanting, special and beautiful woman I have ever met. Lieutenant Phoebe Halliwell," said Hawkeye.

"And to the most handsome, talented and personable doctor I ever met, Hawkeye Pierce!" replied Phoebe.

They sipped their champagne and looked into each other's eyes.

"I sure hope those guys we found will be OK. They had been down in that gully all night!" said Pheebs.

"There you go again, always thinking about others. I really think that's great, but how about thinking about us. Remember, handsome surgeon, beautiful nurse, lonely soldiers at war! Don't break my heart, you're a nurse. That's against the Hippocratic oath," said Hawkeye.

"Love to," said Phoebe as she gave him another passionate kiss.

"Hiya, Phoebe," said a familiar chipper voice.

Phoebe lost in her hazy love fest barely saw the two nurses looking down at her.

"Ah, hi? PIPER!" screamed Phoebe. "Oh my god, it's Piper!" Phoebe screamed grabbing her sister and jumping up and down. "PRUE!" she seamed repeating her joyous embrace.

"Hi, Pheebs," said Prue with a little more control.

"Oh, ah, Hawkeye, these are my sisters Prue and Piper! Guys, THIS IS Hawkeye Pierce!" said Pheebs proudly.

"Ah, hi. I don't mean to be unhappy for Phoebe, but we had a little tonsillectomy going on here, but if you lovely ladies care to join us. Hum?" Hawkeye said with a twinkled in his eye.

"Nice to finally meet you in person," said Piper.

"Oh, you heard of me. I hope it was all bad. Those with good reputations never have any fun," said Hawkeye.

"Yes, uh, it's a pleasure to meet you," said Prue shaking his hand.

"So you're all three nurses? All stationed in Korea? My compliments to Army recruiting, you three have definitely raised my faith in their standards. Why it's just like Claudette Colbert sent her sisters here just for little old me. Which one of you is the chef?" asked Hawkeye practically giggling.

"Ah, that would be me," said Piper raising her hand.

"Care to cook up something later?" asked Hawkeye slyly.

"Phoebe, we have a something "witch" you'd love to see," said Prue.

"Ah, right. Hawkeye. I won't be long," said Phoebe kissing him.

Hawkeye pulled her in and kissed her again. "Finest kind!" he replied. Phoebe pulled away slowly looking deep in his eyes. Her heart was breaking a bit, too.

"Nice meeting you Hawkeye. COME ON PHEEBS!" said Prue.

"Bye, Hawkeye," said Piper waving to him.

Hawkeye just sighed as those three beautiful nurses walked away.

"What are you doing falling for a fictional character!" said Piper.

"But he seems so real!" said Phoebe. "And he has the most gorgeous blue eyes!"

"And you want to stay here?" asked Prue glaring.

"Ah, no. You never know when you're stuck, though. I wouldn't have minded a nice little house in Crab Apple Cove, Maine married to a doctor," sighed Phoebe.

"First, Hawkeye will never settle down and second... Why am I even arguing with you. This is not even our world!" said Piper exasperated.

"I know. Now what, sister witches?" asked Pheebs.

Piper pulled out a charm. "This is our ticket home. You don't know how hard it is to find you when your not even in our reality," explained Piper.

"So what happened? I can't even remember leaving Halliwell Manor. We were fixing Grams old stew recipe and .." said Pheebs throwing up her hands.

"And a warlock attacked. Evidentially he was trying to split us up and he first sent you plummeting back through a tunnel that also crossed through the television. And guess what we were watching?" explained Prue.

"M*A*S*H, I would say is the correct answer and I don't even need a lifeline for that question!" said Pheebs.

"And then I froze him and luckily Prue and I were able to send him back where he came from. Enough explanation. All right, the Halliwell express is heading out!" said Piper holding up the medallion.

"I'm going to miss these guys," sighed Pheebs "And I have to think some more about my own future!"

"Oh? About being a witch?" asked an inquisitive Prue.

"No, we'll ALWAYS be witches. I mean about my own future. Maybe I'll be a nurse," said Phoebe

"Phoebe Nightingale? That would be great, Pheebs. You certainly have the right stuff, but first we get home. Ready one, two, three," cried out Piper as they disappeared in a blaze of silver sparks.

Phoebe was heading home at last thanks to the Charmed Ones.

The End

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