"The Boys From Golgotha"

By Rob Morris

"Just like 'Transfer, Transfer' this story is what I like to call a Remix. 'T,T' was based on Star Trek's Mirror, Mirror. 'The Boys From Golgotha' is based on the Highlander episodes, 'Comes A Horseman' and 'Revelations 6 : 8' For those not familiar with that, here's a synopsis: Like Pierce and company, Duncan Macleod suffered an early-season loss, that of his mentor Father Darius (Also mentor to our own Francis Mulcahy). Later, a new, older Immortal--the Oldest, at 5000 years--named Methos came along, and they became friends and allies. Mac thought his greatest sin was a jaded attitude toward life. But in 'CAH', a woman from his past emerged with a shocking accusation about a brutal barbarian--named Methos. Worse, his former ally showed up, intent on rewriting the entire world in his image. Methos went along with him, causing Macleod to wonder about his friend's loyalties. But surely, no one would ever accuse Colonel Potter of such horrors....would they? After all, in World War One, he was a soldier, and soldiers in war don't wave nicely at the enemy. This is probably as dark a tale as 'Fog' or 'Transfer'. Hope you enjoy."

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