The Barbecue For Peace

by Miriam

Note: This is dedicated to all veterans of all wars. Their bravery and sacrifices will never be forgotten.

It was now 1957. The war was over about 5 years. Hawkeye and Margaret were having a Memorial Day barbecue at their house. It was not just Memorial Day it was also the date that Henry died. Another friend Colonel Potter would not be joining them he died in March of a heart attack. The rest of their friends and their families would be coming including yes, Frank Burns and his wife Louise. Margaret has disliked Louise since the war when she and Frank were frequently out of uniform.

They were outside on The patio. Trapper John was carrying a huge bag from his car.

Hawkeye: Trap you old son of a gun

Trapper: Hey Hawk I brought some thing familiar,ribs.

Hawkeye: This is a barbecue I've got ribs.

Trapper: Not these babies. Remember this?

Hawkeye opened the bag

Hawkeye: No not...

Trapper: Yes ADAM'S RIBS fresh from Toledo.

There was another surprise it was Radar and Klinger with the Barbecue sauce

Hawkeye: You guys are too much.

Klinger: I have coleslaw.

Margaret: This is enough to feed Korea.

Hawkeye: How did you get these?

Radar: Army secret,sir.

Hawkeye: You're not in the army. No more sirs or ma'ams.

Radar: Yes sir.

Margaret:It 's OK I'm out of the Army too.

They were all shocked especially Frank who showed up in fatigues.

Frank: Margaret What?

Margaret: Yes Lt Colonel Houlihan-Pierce is out of the army.

Frank: Colonel Burns quit too.

Father Mulcahy: THANK THE LORD

Hawkeye: Chow time.

Father Mulcahy: Let us pray...

BJ: Sorry were late. Sorry Father.

Father Mulcahy: Now let us pray...

Charles: Excuse me Father I'm fashionably late. a Winchester must be properly groomed.

Hawkeye: Gosh Charles it is only a barbecue.

Father Mulcahy: Let us pray... Dear Heavenly father we ask you to bless this food and all those present. Let us not forget those who never made it home, especially Henry Blake God rest his soul. And Sherman Potter our dear friend, who is no longer with us. May they never be forgotten. Amen.

Hawkeye: Before we begin to eat I would like to make a toast. Here is to Henry and Colonel Potter and here is to peace.

Everyone: TO Peace

The End