"The Aftereffects of War Part 4 ~ Hawkeye's Insanity"

By nsalem

"Oh my. Hawkeye I got a surprise for you."

"What is it?"

"More like who?" Frank said.

"Frank you bastard." Hawkeye got up and started punching Frank for no reason. Charles walked in and grabbed Hawkeye. "Let me go."

"No," Charles said holding Hawkeye down.

"Sidney get in here," BJ yelled.

"Whats going on?" Sidney said.

"Hawkeye started punching me," Frank whined. "I want him arrested."

"You always want him arrested," Hawkeye said in a voice like Henry.

"Thats it," Sidney said. "Lets get him out of here."

Charles starts taking Hawkeye outside. "Sidney are you sure?"

"Hawkeye hasn't been himself lately and you know it BJ. Hawkeye would never have just started hitting Frank like that. I have a feeling he's only slipping farther and father away from himself. We need to commit him now before it goes to far."

"Okay I hope your right."

At the insane asylum.

Hawkeye alone in a room. "Stop watching me," Hawkeye said. "I hope you'resatisfiedd. Henry is dead. Stop watching me. 21 men died on that island and you keep watching. Do you get some enjoyment from someone else's pain? Why do you let people do this to us? Stop watching me. Stop watching me." Hawkeye curls in a ball and the lights go off. You can hear clapping.

Lights come up on stage. A voice in the background starts saying "Hawkeye Pierce played by Alan Alda," Alda walks on stage and bows and goes to the side. "Margaret played by Loretta Swit," Swit walks up and bows and joins Alda. "BJ Hunnicutt played by Mike Farrell," Farrell walks up and bows. "Sidney Freedmen played by Allan Arbus," Arbus walks up and bows. "Trapper John played by Wayne Rogers," Rogers comes up and bows. "Daniel Pierce played by Robert Alda," Robert walked up on stage and bows. The entire cast is announced and comes on stage. "And the sound director For Henry Blake Matthew Marcus. Rest in peace Stevenson," Matthew walked on the stage and joined the group. "And our writer Mrs. Salem," Salem walks on stage bows and stays in the front.

"This was only a play. Or was it?"

*the real ending*

The people who deserve some credit are Beigher Taylor who wrote the play Again that I got the idea for the Stop Watching Me. And Anne campbell who wrote sidneys last line. One more credit to Megan and daylas ending for Mulcahy was partly responisible for the ending. Unfornately Mulcahys ending is not on Andys site and I hope its on Megans soon.