Price Guide

Here is a rough price guide for some M*A*S*H collectibles. Included are the highest, lowest, and average prices I have seen. The average price is the price which I have seen most often. The prices have come from individuals selling them as well as stores (many on Ebay).

Prices are in U.S. dollars for items in excellent to near-mint condition (books in fine condition). Click on the to view an image of the item.

M*A*S*H 10th Anniversary Edition playing cards (single deck - cast design) Games 1977uncommon6.0018.0020.50
M*A*S*H 10th Anniversary Edition playing cards (two decks of standard playing cards in display case) Games 1982rare8.0010.0010.00
M*A*S*H playing cards (single deck - cadaucus design) Games  common6.0010.0016.00
"Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen" poster Books/Paper MemorabiliaCBS1983uncommon76.0076.0076.00
"Radar" Teddy Bear (camoflage shirt on bear) Toys 1982uncommon25.0025.0025.00
1983 MASH Wall Calendar MiscellaneousVerkerke common9.009.009.00
4077th Army Set ToysZee Toys1978uncommon19.5019.5019.50
B.J. (3-3/4" figure MOC) ToysTristar1982common8.008.0020.50
B.J., Col. Potter, Winchester, and Klinger 4-pack ToysTristar1982rare114.50114.50114.50
Beach towels MiscellaneousCBS rare66.0066.0066.00
Binding Up the Wounds (Smithsonian poster) Books/Paper MemorabiliaSmithsonian1983uncommon36.0036.0036.00
Binding Up the Wounds (Smithsonian program) Books/Paper MemorabiliaSmithsonian1983uncommon5.0012.0029.75
BJ/Hawkeye glass GlasswareTCFFC1983rare51.0080.00103.50
Blonde Hawkeye (3-3/4" figure MOC) ToysTristar1982rare15.0020.0050.50
Col. Potter (3-3/4" figure MOC) ToysTristar1982common10.0014.0025.00
Copter (friction-powered) ToysDurham1975rare12.5012.5039.50
Die cast metal "Tough Wheels" MP vehicle ToysKidco1981uncommon4.004.0011.00
Die cast metal "Tough Wheels" supply truck ToysKidco1981uncommon7.0010.5010.50
Die cast metal 5 vehicle set ToysZee Toys1976rare58.9358.9358.93
Die cast metal 6 piece "Tough Wheels" M*A*S*H Motor Pool ToysKidco1981uncommon7.0050.0076.00
Die cast metal ambulance ToysZee Toys1977uncommon10.5015.0020.50
Die cast metal helicopter ToysZee Toys1977uncommon15.0020.0028.10
Die cast metal jeep w/trailer ToysZee Toys1977uncommon11.0011.0020.00
Die cast metal truck ToysZee Toys1977uncommon1.001.001.00
Die-cast "Tough Wheels" M*A*S*H vehicle 3 pack ToysKidco1981uncommon7.507.5012.50
Dog tags (silver pack) ToysTristar1981uncommon5.007.5010.00
Field hospital ToysMultiple Toymakers1974uncommon14.0014.0014.00
First aid kit Miscellaneous  common7.007.007.00
Flashlight ToysTristar1982rare12.0012.0012.00
Fr. Mulcahy (3-3/4" figure MOC) ToysTristar1982common5.0010.0015.00
Freewheeler cycle and rider ToysDurham rare16.6516.6516.65
Gear set ToysJa-ru1981uncommon18.0018.0018.00
Gerry gas can lighter (given to crew?) Miscellaneous 198?rare60.0080.00122.00
Golden M*A*S*H Trivia Cards (cards packaged by themselves - small box) GamesWestern Publishing Company1984common4.007.0018.50
Golden Trivia Game: M*A*S*H Edition GamesWestern Publishing Company1984common8.0030.0043.60
Hawkeye (3-3/4" figure MOC) ToysTristar1982common5.0010.0022.50
Hawkeye (9" figure MOC) ToysDurham1973?uncommon19.0025.0037.00
Hawkeye halloween costume MiscellaneousBen Cooper Inc. uncommon14.5014.5017.50
Hawkeye, Hot Lips, Fr. Mulcahy and Klinger 4-pack ToysTristar1982rare22.5040.0061.00
Head quarters ToysJa-ru1981common4.454.454.45
Hot Lips (3-3/4" figure MOC) ToysTristar1982common8.0016.0031.00
Hot Lips (9" figure MOC) ToysDurham1973?uncommon5.0020.0040.00
Inflatable jeep Toys 1981uncommon26.0040.0062.00
Klinger (fatigues) (3-3/4" figure MOC) ToysTristar1982common10.0010.0016.00
Klinger (pink dress) (3-3/4" figure MOC) ToysTristar1982rare16.0035.0070.00
Klinger/Charles glass GlasswareTCFFC1983rare41.0080.00102.11
M*A*S*H "Medical Scene" ModelsRevell1990uncommon26.0040.0066.00
M*A*S*H "Swamp Scene" ModelsRevell1990common12.5025.0069.00
M*A*S*H (movie) Soundtrack LP MiscellaneousColumbia Records1973common5.755.7510.00
M*A*S*H 150 piece puzzle - Motor Pool GamesH-G Toys Inc.1976common9.0012.0020.00
M*A*S*H 150 piece puzzle - The Staff GamesH-G Toys Inc.1976common10.0010.0010.00
M*A*S*H Ambulance (w/ 3-3/4" pilot) ToysTristar1982rare31.2538.00102.50
M*A*S*H Atari 2600 video game GamesFox Video Games, Inc.1983common3.008.0033.00
M*A*S*H Atari 800 video game GamesFox Video Games, Inc.1983rare10.0010.0010.00
M*A*S*H B&W pin (pictures final cast) Miscellaneous 1983?common2.002.503.75
M*A*S*H Base Playset (for 3-3/4") ToysTristar1982rare56.0070.00179.00
M*A*S*H Beer (6 pack) MiscellaneousRoman Ceramics common10.0020.0050.00
M*A*S*H Bell Helicopter ModelsRevell1990common6.0020.0030.00
M*A*S*H board game (character game pieces) GamesTransogram1975rare13.5045.0075.00
M*A*S*H board game (tank game pieces) GamesMilton Bradley1981uncommon8.0030.0068.00
M*A*S*H cards (box) MiscellaneousDonruss1982uncommon27.0035.0042.00
M*A*S*H cards (set) MiscellaneousDonruss1982common9.0014.0025.00
M*A*S*H cigar bands MiscellaneousAbonné1973?uncommon5.008.0020.50
M*A*S*H Colecovision video game GamesColecovision rare32.0041.0067.66
M*A*S*H Commemorative Plate MiscellaneousRoyal Orleans1982common5.0010.0038.00
M*A*S*H Commemorative Trivet (porcelain postcard) MiscellaneousRoyal Orleans1982uncommon5.0015.0030.00
M*A*S*H dog tags MiscellaneousTristar1982uncommon9.0010.5030.00
M*A*S*H Helicopter (w/ 3-3/4" driver) ToysTristar1982rare29.0070.00127.50
M*A*S*H Jeep (w/ 3-3/4" driver) ToysTristar1982rare11.5018.0040.00
M*A*S*H movie clip (Super 8) MiscellaneousTwentieth Century1973common6.506.506.50
M*A*S*H novels (paperback editions) Books/Paper MemorabiliaPocket Books1970scommon1.005.0010.00
M*A*S*H puzzle - Potter/Margaret/Klinger GamesMilton Bradley common10.0010.0010.00
M*A*S*H Rum Dispenser MiscellaneousHawkeye Distilled Products Co. (Roman Ceramics) uncommon12.5012.5012.50
M*A*S*H Star Car ToysMatchbox1997common2.003.004.00
M*A*S*H TI 99/4a video game (Texas Instruments home computer) GamesFox Video Games, Inc.1983uncommon2.0010.0010.00
M*A*S*H Train Set Toys  rare95.00200.00512.00
M*A*S*H Viewmaster Reels (episode: "Major Topper") ToysGAF Corp.1978common5.0016.0035.00
M*A*S*H Vodka Dispenser MiscellaneousHawkeye Distilled Products Co. (Roman Ceramics) common10.0025.00255.00
M*A*S*H: The Exclusive, Inside Story of TV's Most Popular Show Books/Paper MemorabiliaBobbs-Merrill Co.1980, 1983common6.0015.0035.00
M*A*S*H: The Official Quiz Manual Books/Paper MemorabiliaPlume1984uncommon6.0010.0050.00
M*A*S*H: The Unofficial Quiz Manual Books/Paper MemorabiliaBell Publishing Company1983common2.007.0050.00
Margaret/Potter glass GlasswareTCFFC1983rare85.00127.50151.76
Medic Kit ToysHG Toys1977uncommon20.0020.0020.00