Price Guide

Here is a rough price guide for some M*A*S*H collectibles. Included are the highest, lowest, and average prices I have seen. The average price is the price which I have seen most often. The prices have come from individuals selling them as well as stores (many on Ebay).

Prices are in U.S. dollars for items in excellent to near-mint condition (books in fine condition). Click on the to view an image of the item.

M*A*S*H 10th Anniversary Edition playing cards (single deck - cast design) Games 1977uncommon6.0018.0020.50
M*A*S*H 10th Anniversary Edition playing cards (two decks of standard playing cards in display case) Games 1982rare8.0010.0010.00
M*A*S*H playing cards (single deck - cadaucus design) Games  common6.0010.0016.00
"Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen" poster Books/Paper MemorabiliaCBS1983uncommon76.0076.0076.00
"Radar" Teddy Bear (camoflage shirt on bear) Toys 1982uncommon25.0025.0025.00
1983 MASH Wall Calendar MiscellaneousVerkerke common9.009.009.00
4077th Army Set ToysZee Toys1978uncommon19.5019.5019.50
B.J. (3-3/4" figure MOC) ToysTristar1982common8.008.0020.50
B.J., Col. Potter, Winchester, and Klinger 4-pack ToysTristar1982rare114.50114.50114.50
Beach towels MiscellaneousCBS rare66.0066.0066.00
Binding Up the Wounds (Smithsonian poster) Books/Paper MemorabiliaSmithsonian1983uncommon36.0036.0036.00
Binding Up the Wounds (Smithsonian program) Books/Paper MemorabiliaSmithsonian1983uncommon5.0012.0029.75
BJ/Hawkeye glass GlasswareTCFFC1983rare51.0080.00103.50
Blonde Hawkeye (3-3/4" figure MOC) ToysTristar1982rare15.0020.0050.50
Col. Potter (3-3/4" figure MOC) ToysTristar1982common10.0014.0025.00
Copter (friction-powered) ToysDurham1975rare12.5012.5039.50
Die cast metal "Tough Wheels" MP vehicle ToysKidco1981uncommon4.004.0011.00
Die cast metal "Tough Wheels" supply truck ToysKidco1981uncommon7.0010.5010.50
Die cast metal 5 vehicle set ToysZee Toys1976rare58.9358.9358.93
Die cast metal 6 piece "Tough Wheels" M*A*S*H Motor Pool ToysKidco1981uncommon7.0050.0076.00
Die cast metal ambulance ToysZee Toys1977uncommon10.5015.0020.50
Die cast metal helicopter ToysZee Toys1977uncommon15.0020.0028.10
Die cast metal jeep w/trailer ToysZee Toys1977uncommon11.0011.0020.00
Die cast metal truck ToysZee Toys1977uncommon1.001.001.00
Die-cast "Tough Wheels" M*A*S*H vehicle 3 pack ToysKidco1981uncommon7.507.5012.50
Dog tags (silver pack) ToysTristar1981uncommon5.007.5010.00
Field hospital ToysMultiple Toymakers1974uncommon14.0014.0014.00
First aid kit Miscellaneous  common7.007.007.00
Flashlight ToysTristar1982rare12.0012.0012.00
Fr. Mulcahy (3-3/4" figure MOC) ToysTristar1982common5.0010.0015.00
Freewheeler cycle and rider ToysDurham rare16.6516.6516.65
Gear set ToysJa-ru1981uncommon18.0018.0018.00
Gerry gas can lighter (given to crew?) Miscellaneous 198?rare60.0080.00122.00
Golden M*A*S*H Trivia Cards (cards packaged by themselves - small box) GamesWestern Publishing Company1984common4.007.0018.50
Golden Trivia Game: M*A*S*H Edition GamesWestern Publishing Company1984common8.0030.0043.60
Hawkeye (3-3/4" figure MOC) ToysTristar1982common5.0010.0022.50
Hawkeye (9" figure MOC) ToysDurham1973?uncommon19.0025.0037.00
Hawkeye halloween costume MiscellaneousBen Cooper Inc. uncommon14.5014.5017.50
Hawkeye, Hot Lips, Fr. Mulcahy and Klinger 4-pack ToysTristar1982rare22.5040.0061.00
Head quarters ToysJa-ru1981common4.454.454.45
Hot Lips (3-3/4" figure MOC) ToysTristar1982common8.0016.0031.00
Hot Lips (9" figure MOC) ToysDurham1973?uncommon5.0020.0040.00
Inflatable jeep Toys 1981uncommon26.0040.0062.00
Klinger (fatigues) (3-3/4" figure MOC) ToysTristar1982common10.0010.0016.00
Klinger (pink dress) (3-3/4" figure MOC) ToysTristar1982rare16.0035.0070.00
Klinger/Charles glass GlasswareTCFFC1983rare41.0080.00102.11
M*A*S*H "Medical Scene" ModelsRevell1990uncommon26.0040.0066.00
M*A*S*H "Swamp Scene" ModelsRevell1990common12.5025.0069.00
M*A*S*H (movie) Soundtrack LP MiscellaneousColumbia Records1973common5.755.7510.00
M*A*S*H 150 piece puzzle - Motor Pool GamesH-G Toys Inc.1976common9.0012.0020.00
M*A*S*H 150 piece puzzle - The Staff GamesH-G Toys Inc.1976common10.0010.0010.00
M*A*S*H Ambulance (w/ 3-3/4" pilot) ToysTristar1982rare31.2538.00102.50
M*A*S*H Atari 2600 video game GamesFox Video Games, Inc.1983common3.008.0033.00
M*A*S*H Atari 800 video game GamesFox Video Games, Inc.1983rare10.0010.0010.00
M*A*S*H B&W pin (pictures final cast) Miscellaneous 1983?common2.002.503.75
M*A*S*H Base Playset (for 3-3/4") ToysTristar1982rare56.0070.00179.00
M*A*S*H Beer (6 pack) MiscellaneousRoman Ceramics common10.0020.0050.00
M*A*S*H Bell Helicopter ModelsRevell1990common6.0020.0030.00
M*A*S*H board game (character game pieces) GamesTransogram1975rare13.5045.0075.00
M*A*S*H board game (tank game pieces) GamesMilton Bradley1981uncommon8.0030.0068.00
M*A*S*H cards (box) MiscellaneousDonruss1982uncommon27.0035.0042.00
M*A*S*H cards (set) MiscellaneousDonruss1982common9.0014.0025.00
M*A*S*H cigar bands MiscellaneousAbonné1973?uncommon5.008.0020.50
M*A*S*H Colecovision video game GamesColecovision rare32.0041.0067.66
M*A*S*H Commemorative Plate MiscellaneousRoyal Orleans1982common5.0010.0038.00
M*A*S*H Commemorative Trivet (porcelain postcard) MiscellaneousRoyal Orleans1982uncommon5.0015.0030.00
M*A*S*H dog tags MiscellaneousTristar1982uncommon9.0010.5030.00
M*A*S*H Helicopter (w/ 3-3/4" driver) ToysTristar1982rare29.0070.00127.50
M*A*S*H Jeep (w/ 3-3/4" driver) ToysTristar1982rare11.5018.0040.00
M*A*S*H movie clip (Super 8) MiscellaneousTwentieth Century1973common6.506.506.50
M*A*S*H novels (paperback editions) Books/Paper MemorabiliaPocket Books1970scommon1.005.0010.00
M*A*S*H puzzle - Potter/Margaret/Klinger GamesMilton Bradley common10.0010.0010.00
M*A*S*H Rum Dispenser MiscellaneousHawkeye Distilled Products Co. (Roman Ceramics) uncommon12.5012.5012.50
M*A*S*H Star Car ToysMatchbox1997common2.003.004.00
M*A*S*H TI 99/4a video game (Texas Instruments home computer) GamesFox Video Games, Inc.1983uncommon2.0010.0010.00
M*A*S*H Train Set Toys  rare95.00200.00512.00
M*A*S*H Viewmaster Reels (episode: "Major Topper") ToysGAF Corp.1978common5.0016.0035.00
M*A*S*H Vodka Dispenser MiscellaneousHawkeye Distilled Products Co. (Roman Ceramics) common10.0025.00255.00
M*A*S*H: The Exclusive, Inside Story of TV's Most Popular Show Books/Paper MemorabiliaBobbs-Merrill Co.1980, 1983common6.0015.0035.00
M*A*S*H: The Official Quiz Manual Books/Paper MemorabiliaPlume1984uncommon6.0010.0050.00
M*A*S*H: The Unofficial Quiz Manual Books/Paper MemorabiliaBell Publishing Company1983common2.007.0050.00
Margaret/Potter glass GlasswareTCFFC1983rare85.00127.50151.76
Medic Kit ToysHG Toys1977uncommon20.0020.0020.00
Officers Mess mug Glassware 1981common10.0012.0040.00
Pencil case Miscellaneous  uncommon10.5010.5014.00
Radar/Mulcahy glass GlasswareTCFFC1983rare50.0070.00120.27
Radar's Teddy Bear ToysCalifornia Stuffed Toys1983uncommon10.0030.0081.00
Radio Transmitter Play Set ToysTwentieth Century Fox1977rare128.50128.50128.50
Rosie's Bar / Supply (set piece - sold by Smithsonian) MiscellaneousSmithsonian1983uncommon6.0025.0058.87
Smithsonian Exhibit mug Glassware 1983uncommon14.5014.5014.50
Snap together motorized jeep ToysUSAirfix uncommon5.0012.0039.95
Snap together motorized truck ToysUSAirfix uncommon20.0025.0030.00
Sunglasses Toys  uncommon9.009.009.00
Tall glass with Signpost Glassware  common10.5014.0026.00
The Complete Book of M*A*S*H Books/Paper MemorabiliaAbradale Press, Harry N. Abrams, Inc.1988common7.0020.0050.00
The Last Days of MASH Books/Paper MemorabiliaUnicorn Pub. House1983common3.0020.0075.00
Toy wrist watch ToysArco1981uncommon21.5521.5521.55
Wallet Toys  uncommon1.0010.0017.00
Winchester (3-3/4" figure MOC) ToysTristar1982common5.5010.0015.50
Last update: 4/10/2013 ");

Some useful collecting terms:
MIB = mint in box
MIP = mint in package
MOC = mint on card
OOP = out of print
C-1 to C-10 = grading scale used primarily for carded figures and boxed toys. They are graded based on the condition of the toy and the card. C-1 is poor condition; C-10 is mint condition.
punched/unpunched = condition of card relating to whether the small cardboard piece for the rack hole is missing