MASH Moments

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"Comrades in Arms," season 6

Hawkeye and Margaret went through quite an ordeal when they went out to demonstrate their special surgical procedures to another MASH unit. When Potter said another unit made the same request, Charles refused, saying that Hawkeye and Margaret had only one moment of glory in the midst of disasters on their trip. At this comment, Hawkeye and Margaret smiled silently and knowingly to each other.

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"Say No More," season 11

Margaret greatly admires a doctor who Charles disdains. When she can't go for a speech and meet him due to laryngitis, Charles arranges for the doctor to stop by the camp and meet her. She later shows her thanks to Charles in the mess tent.

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"Henry in Love," season 2

Henry develops a crush for a younger woman, Nancy Sue Parker, and invites her to the camp. Before her arrival, Henry dyes his hair and goes running for exercise. "Henry, your hair is bleeding."

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"There is Nothing Like a Nurse," season 3

With the threat of an enemy attack, the nurses are evacuating, leaving the men to search for things to do. Hawkeye and Trapper park a jeep over Frank so they can watch the home movie he has hidden.

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"Movie Tonight," season 5

Father Mulcahy manages to get My Darling Clementine for the camp as a treat. When the movie reel keeps breaking, everyone finds other fun activities such as the "Father Mulcahy sound-a-like" contest and singing.

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"Crisis," season 2

Henry calls the senior staff together for a meeting in his office. When he arrives after all the others, Hawkeye yells "ten hut" and everyone quickly stands up as a reflex.

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"Dear Ma," season 4

Radar writes home to his Ma and includes stories about his job assisting Hawkeye with the camp foot inspections. Naturally, one of the highlights for Hawkeye was inspecting Margaret's feet.

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"Henry, Come Home," season 1

The outdoor filming set was at the Fox Ranch, which was later donated to the state and has become part of Malibu Creek State Park.

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"Chief Surgeon Who?" season 1

Upset over Hawkeye being picked as chief surgeon, Frank and Margaret find a reason to call General Barker. They tell him that a wounded soldier is bleeding while Hawkeye plays cards. Barker confronts Hawkeye about it, but Hawkeye says he won't operate until the soldier is sufficiently prepared for the operation.

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