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I generally welcome and appreciate links to my site from others. Please use for the URL address. Also feel free to link to my "Gary Burghoff, 'The Birdman of Malibu'" site. The URL address to use for that site is . If you would like to display a banner to link to either/both sites, use the following banners (see code below):

Best Care Anywhere

Gary Burghoff, The Birdman of Malibu

If you choose to link to my site, please email me the URL of your site. In the future if I move my site to a new URL, I will email a notice to those linking to it so all links can be updated. Currently my links page lists sites about M*A*S*H (or M*A*S*H-related material); if your site is of this type, I will let you know when I add a link to it.

Code For Links

"Best Care Anywhere" Text Link:

<a href="">"Best Care Anywhere"</a>

"Best Care Anywhere" Graphical Link:

<a href=""><img src="" alt="Best Care Anywhere" width="400" height="52" border="0"></a>

"Gary Burghoff, 'The Birdman of Malibu'" Text Link:

<a href="">Gary Burghoff, "The Birdman of Malibu"</a>

"Gary Burghoff, 'The Birdman of Malibu'" Graphical Link:

<a href=""><img src="" alt="Gary Burghoff, The Birdman of Malibu" width="400" height="52" border="0"></a>