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Favorite Character: Hawkeye And Trapper
Favorite Episode: Mostly All Of Them
Message: My Favorite Mash Characters Are Hawkeye And Trapper!

On September 24th 2007 I Got To Meet And Take A Picture With Alan And Go Up To The Table For A Few Mins And Talk To Him And Shake His Hand!

My Favorite Actors Are Alan Alda Wayne Rogers John Travolta!

I Wish I Could Meet Wayne Rogers In Person!

RIP John Lennon!

RIP George Harrison!

RIP Maurice Gibb!

RIP Michael Jackson!

RIP Larry Gelbart!

RIP Harry Morgan!

RIP Donna Summer!

RIP Robin Gibb!

RIP Richard Dawson!

RIP Dick Clark!

RIP Whitney Houston!

RIP Ed Koch!

My Favorite Bands Are The Beatles & The Bee Gees!