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1/31/2023 12:34:39 AM

What's Up Doc? (Season 6) BJ

This episode involved Margaret having gall bladder issues but she thought shew was pregnant, so Hawk operated on Radar's rabbit Fluffy to remove her ovaries to do the pregnancy test. In any event, there was a very despondent patient who was an art major from Yale. He led some men into a minefield and one (perhaps more) died as a result. When Tom said to BJ that he thought ROTC would keep him out of active duty, BJ replied rather snarkily "You should have read the fine print." He also quipped "I think only the Marines have an art history division." Usually BJ's bedside manner is probably the best of the bunch, but in this episode, he seemed rather cruel with not just what he said to Tom, but how he said them as well. Thoughts?

Big Daddy O'Reilly

1/31/2023 4:16:11 PM

B.J. seemed to me like he was trying to bring some levity to ease Tom's nerves and tension, but was failing at it because he was so despondent.

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