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1/31/2023 12:29:09 AM

Ping Pong "Cho" question

It seems that Cho is a part of the roster at the 4077th when Frank bumps into him in the scrub room. Later on when Cho was wounded because of a mix up while he was in Seoul getting a ring for his fiancee, Frank asked (as did Potter) why Cho wasn't transferred to the 8055th. If Cho was on the 4077th roster, why wouldn't he just stay there? Also where did his finacee Soon-Ni live?

Big Daddy O'Reilly

1/31/2023 4:17:42 PM

Soon-Ni was an orphan, if you recall; Cho explained to Hawkeye and B.J. that her entire village had been flattened by artillery, which is why Hawkeye and B.J. offered to have their wedding held at the 4077th.

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