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1/13/2023 10:47:32 AM

Noticed something on Smilin' Jack

The soldier wounded at the beginning of the episode asks BJ whether he's ever been at the front; BJ replies he's never had the pleasure of some such thing. I guess he forgot that on his way to the 4077th, he was targeted by artillery or mortars. After the attack, he turned over a soldier, saw what happened to the soldier and threw up.

I realize finding continuity errors in MASH is like shooting fish in a barrel, but it's still fun.


1/14/2023 2:31:16 AM

Yes, but he was never on the front line fighting, he was in the countryside heading to the 4077th. There's a difference. The closest BJ ever got to the warfront was when he would have been sent to Battalion Aid in the Will episode (season 10) if he hadn't been getting a haircut and Hawkeye went in his place.


1/14/2023 3:10:29 AM

In Der Tag BJ was also at a Battalion Aid to get a drunk Frank. In Where There's a Will, There's a War it's Hawkeye going to Bat. Aid.

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