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12/12/2022 4:49:13 AM

Puzzled by 38 Across (no pun intended)

In this episode, Klinger's plot to get out of the army is attempting to eat a jeep, piece by piece. The plan goes awry because Potter tells Klinger they need the jeep for a prisoner exchange. Later in the ep. Potter tells Admiral Cox the deal is 30 Chinese patients for 40 of "ours". Wouldn't it be just a LITTLE BIT difficult to squeeze 30 guys into one jeep? Can somebody maybe explain more about this?



12/31/2022 1:52:23 PM

Upon further review....

I vote for lousy writing or a throwaway line. Seems like jeeps are always getting into accidents or blown up and they are needed all the time for all sorts of other things. They're expected to bug out at any time and every vehicle, no matter how small is valuable at that time. Why did Potter have to provide any reasoning at all for not eating a jeep??

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