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Scarlet O'Hara

11/16/2022 7:41:05 AM

Wrist Watches...

Does anyone know what kind of watches characters wore? Trapper seems to always have one on it got a black dial. One would assume that they would wear military issue but it's unlikely that these were the watches in the show. During one of the winter episode Winchester mentions the finest Abercrombie and Fitch outerwear but I can't afford one of those. Any help out there is appreciated!


12/12/2022 4:47:03 AM

Sadly I have no idea, the only thing I know about watches are Frank destroyed his own once with a hammer while Radar was attempting to do a magic trick, B.J. was sold one with empty works by a patient he operated on, and Trapper stole Hawk's watch in order to actually win at poker, was an episode where Hawk was being arrested.


12/27/2022 6:35:28 PM

Trapper also had his watch stolen by Ho-Jon in I Hate a Mystery.

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