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10/1/2022 11:44:35 AM

Any of you heard the top 50 episodes from Mash Matters?

Interesting episode. They said the list was based solely on listener votes. My primary observation was there were more early season episodes in the top 10 than I would have expected.


10/1/2022 5:12:45 PM

I did, and was disappointed that Comrades in Arms didn't make the list! In fact I'm listening to the MASH Matters podcast now where they were out at the ranch for the 50th anniversary of the Pilot episode.



10/2/2022 4:24:49 PM

Here's the list - episode / Season

50 The Nurses S5
49 The Smell of Music S6
48 Rainbow Bridge S3
47 I Hate a Mystery S1
46 Mr and Mrs Who S8
45 Big Mac S3
44 Dear Sis S7
43 Officer of the Day S3
42 As Time Goes By S11
41 Where There's a Will, There's a War S10
40 Change of Command S4
39 Fade Out Fade In S6
38 Chief Surgeon Who? S1
37 A Smattering of Intelligence S2
36 The Longjohn Flap S1
35 Old Soldiers S8
34 The Winchester Tapes S6
33 Dreams S8
32 Pilot S1
31 The Incubator S2
30 A Night at Rosie's S7
29 Sons and Bowlers S10
28 CAVE S7
27 The Interview S4
26 Hey Look me Over S11
25 Private Charles Lamb S3
24 April Fools S8
23 The MASH Olympics S6
22 Dear Dad S1
21 Bug Out S5
20 Point of View S7
19 Quo Vadis, Captain Chandler S4
18 The General Flipped at Dawn S3
17 Goodbye Radar S8
16 The Army-Navy Game S1
15 The Trial of Henry Blake S2
14 Crisis S2
13 Yankee Doodle Doctor S1
12 Death Takes a Holiday S9
11 Movie Tonight S5
10 A War for all Seasons S9
9 Sometimes You Hear the Bullet S1
8 Welcome to Korea S4
7 Deal Me Out S2
6 Abyssinia Henry S3
5 Dear Sigmund S5
4 Tuttle S1
3 Five O'Clock Charlie S2
2 Adam's Ribs S3
1 Goodbye Farewell and Amen S11


10/4/2022 5:14:09 PM

Thanks for pointing out Mash Matters...just added it to my Spotify favorites.

I was disappointed that Hot Lips and Empty Arms wasn't in the top 50. Really not surprised that so many of the 1st 3 seasons were on the list. Those seasons are pretty much all I watch repeatedly.

And was surprised that Dreams made the top 50...I don't care for the episode but I know several people that really hate it.



10/13/2022 10:12:31 AM

Comrade in Arms is probably my most hated episode, so I wasn't too disappointed in its absence from the list.

I wouldn't have voted for Dreams, but I can see why it got votes. It really challenged, and probably still does challenge, the standard format for half hour shows. That doesn't make it a favorite in my book, but an interesting one. If there was such a field of study as TV shows, it would make a good dissertation focus.


10/13/2022 5:30:44 PM

Yeah, I agree Comrade in Arms is in my top 5 of disliked episodes. Those 2 parts are always skipped whenever I watch the entire series.

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