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9/21/2022 6:16:14 PM

I Hate A Mystery observations

First, Ho-Jon stealing from the others and putting all the stuff in Hawkeye's chest made no sense. He wanted to sell the items to get money to bribe the border guards. How was he going to lug that big old foot locker around and sell things? Who was he going to sell to? Second, wasn't the pilot episode about sending Ho-Jon to the States to attend school? Why was he still in camp then? Ho-Jon later says he didn't want to ask for money because bribery is dishonest. I wish someone would have said to him "As opposed to stealing??" Also it stinks that Hawkeye was falsely accused, and that NOBODY apologized to him for that, nor did anybody thank him for coming up with such a good plan to reveal who the true thief was. Just a lot that rubs me wrong about this episode.



9/22/2022 10:41:47 AM

Comedy focus

Although I get bigger laughs from the first couple of seasons, many of the stories are absolutely ridiculous from a realism perspective. In this particular episode, I think the writers were simply doing whatever it took to get to the scene in the mess tent where Hawkeye got to use the Sherlock Holmes character and the pretend use of the material that stains hands to reveal the true perpetrator.

To be fair, the beginning seasons were a time of figuring out what was needed to make a go of the series so a BUNCH of characters were jettisoned, particularly after the first season, Ho Jon being one of them. The focus on simply getting laughs regardless the cost was eventually turned down, too.

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