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Big Daddy O'Reilly

9/10/2022 7:57:45 PM

M*A*S*H at 50

M*A*S*H the series will be celebrating its 50th anniversary this upcoming week, and there are a number of ways in which the milestone is going to be celebrated!

If you happen to be at the store, there's a new magazine out covering the show's 50th anniversary; next week on September 13, Reelz will be airing a new documentary about M*A*S*H's 50th anniversary; September 17, Jeff Maxwell and Ryan Patrick will host a special episode of their M*A*S*H MATTERS podcast from the old filming location in Malibu Creek State Park; and all week long on MeTV, Jamie Farr will be sharing his personal favorite episodes with us.

Nice to see that a big deal is being made out of the 50th anniversary, as opposed to how quiet and practically nonexistent the 40th anniversary celebration in 2012 was.


9/17/2022 7:36:58 PM

I wholeheartedly agree. 50 years ago mercy!

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