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9/10/2022 9:30:51 AM

Welcome to Korea 2 questions

I've been a fan of MASH for well over 40 years and have all 11 seasons on DVD. I rewatched Welcome to Korea last night and two things puzzled me.

Frank and Margaret synchronize their watches and he says "O five sixteen, hack". So we establish that it is 5:16 in the morning. Presumably this was in mid September since at the end of the episode, the date is announced when Potter arrives.

Question 1 - Regardless of where one is on Earth, the sun would not have been out at 0516 the way it was in that scene, or am I missing something?

Question 2 - Radar tells Hawkeye that Trapper left "Just a couple of hours ago." So are we to believe Trapper drove, or was driven to Kimpo airbase at 3 o'clock in the morning???


9/17/2022 7:30:26 PM

?2...maybe Trapper had an early flight and had to leave early to make it.

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