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7/24/2022 11:38:15 AM

Rizzo (GW Bailey plus 2 others)

Did somebody on the cast or crew of M*A*S*H know somebody named Rizzo? In addition to Sgt. Rizzo portrayed brilliantly by G.W. Bailey, we had two other Rizzo's during season 2. In "The Incubator", Hawkeye & Trapper had a patient with a fever of unknown origin and his name was Rizzo. Then in season 2's "As You Were", while there were bombs going off near the camp, Radar was imitating being a Major or a Lt. Colonel and then he realized he was talking to somebody he knew..."Rizzo?..... TONY??!?!?!" So there were at least two other Rizzos, one seen, one unseen and I was just curious why that name was used at least 3 different times over the course of MASH's run.

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