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6/26/2022 4:55:17 PM

Rockford Files...

I'm in the process of watching all of The Rockford Files episodes and I'm amazed at how many MASH guest stars were also on The Rockford Files. Although I guess it's not surprising to see the same people on different TV series'...but there is a MASH guest star on about every episode...and many of them have more than one.

When I first started watching... I was going to make a list but there just got too many to mention after a while...

But here are a couple of notables:

-Dennis Dugan was in 2 two part appears that they were trying to get a spin off series going with Dugan as a young private eye.

-Lynette Mettey was in an episode where she was paroled and was thought to know where some stolen money was. This was the only thing that I've ever seen her in besides MASH.

So if you can check out Rockford Files and you'll see lots of MASH folks. FYI...I'm watching it on GetTV.



7/15/2022 10:58:58 AM

Same thing with Barney Miller

Stuart Margolin (spelling?) I believe played Angel in the Rockford. He played the plastic surgeon in the earlier season episode about the nose job and who found The Barracuda at the 4077th.

I've been on a Barney Miller kick the past few months and have found the same thing. And I'm guessing I'd probably see these actors on other 70s-80s shows as well. The actor that played the Greek officer in Private Charles Lamb played a couple different characters in Barney Miller. Seems like Todd Susman showed up in Barney as well.

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