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Big Daddy O'Reilly

6/2/2022 5:02:15 AM

Noticed Something in "Germ Warfare"

Granted, this isn't something new I've noticed, it's actually something I've noticed for a long time, but only now felt like actually posting about it for some reason.

Anyway, after Hawkeye and Trapper siphon a pint of Frank's blood while he sleeps, Trapper says to Hawkeye, "You get him cleaned up, I'll go get Pai."

But why would Trapper have to go get Pai when Pai was sleeping in the Swamp - and in Hawkeye's bunk at that? I always found that to be an illogical line from Trapper.


9/18/2022 1:56:29 AM

That indeed is a perplexing line from Trapper. Very good point. I should try to sign up for MASH Matters and post that question to them, unless you have already of course!

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