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5/23/2022 10:13:35 PM


What one quality was most irritating to you regarding each character?
Hawkeye - Opining too much at times
B.J. - When he'd dwell on stuff too much
Trapper - Can't really think of one offhand...
Potter - When he would say "What in the Sam Hill?"
Henry - Can't really think of anything for him either...
Margaret - When she was quite unfair to the one overly sensitive nurse, but she changed her tune at the end at least
Frank - N/A (far more than ONE equally irritating thing that he did)
Charles - His Tuba playing
Radar - Can't think of anything for him, Klinger or Mulcahy...


5/27/2022 8:51:17 AM

Hawkeye: Can be too loud and boisterous
BJ: Could be too tradition-minded when it comes to his wife (especially in "Wheelers and Dealers")
Trapper: Too unfaithful to his wife
Henry: Same as Trapper
Potter: Sons and Bowlers. I'll leave it at that. (Hawkeye's half was far better!)
Margaret: It's hard to say what's worse, her terrible treatment of Henry, her treatment of Frank in season five, or her attitude in season six. From season 7 on, she's great.
Charles: the superiority
Radar: Can't think of one
Klinger: Can't think of one
Mulcahy: Can't think of one



5/29/2022 7:37:19 PM

Hawkeye: His self-righteousness, particularly in regard to those in charge. His absolute failure of command in Commander Pierce was somewhat satisfying to me.
BJ: I can't think of anything in particular, but I didn't have to listen to all the stories about Erin - that could have made me a little crazy if I lived with him
Trapper: Adultery without so much as blinking an eye. Although I think that was a significant part of the Trapper and Henry characters as a carryover from the movie.
Henry: The adultery. Not a major gripe, but he didn't seem to really try as a CO
Potter: I could have done without all the folksy phrases.
Margaret: Too much of an army champion
Charles: His love of his position in society
Radar: Can't seem to keep a girl. Shoot, his wife even dumped him in W*A*L*T*E*R.
Klinger: Getting deceived by that hussy, Lavern.
Mulcahy: His self-doubt. It was really too bad that he seemingly had no one else of faith to lean on in the camp. Hawkeye was his primary confidante, but Hawkeye couldn't understand the faith part of Mulcahy.
You missed Frank: His laugh. I saw a part of an interview Larry and the laugh was Larry's, not Frank's, Boy, that was an annoying laugh.


6/26/2022 4:59:30 PM

Just a quick add:

Radar...his shrugging his shoulders always annoys me for some reason.


7/14/2022 2:46:52 PM

I actually have one for Mulcahy.

During "Twas the Day After Christmas", as he was one of the orderlies (along with Hawkeye), Mulcahy kept singing "Glooooria, in excelsis deo" over and over again...that got to me. Good point about Radar's shoulder shrugging too by the way!

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