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2/12/2022 12:19:47 PM

Surviving Contributors

Beth's recent post prompted me to start of thread asking who's still alive.
If you know, please add to the thread. If you know what they're doing (even if it's happily retired).
I am a regular listener to Jeff Maxwell's podcast. He lives in California and the only thing I know he's doing is the podcast, but he doesn't talk much of anything outside MASH so he may be doing other stuff.
He had Eileen Saki on his latest episode. It sounds like she's still auditioning and picking up an occasional acting job on commercials.
Please add to the list!

Ruptured Brook

2/14/2022 4:34:34 PM

Now you've gone and done it, Finest--I was trying to work and just couldn't help myself haha.

Below, I have tabulated everyone listed as working on MASH on IMDB's page ( I have removed duplicate lines where someone performed multiple roles (i.e. Alda did everything at some point, didn't he?). I have removed people who are dead from the list--I cannot take credit for this information, and suspect that (for minor jobs like grips or techs) the IMDB data might not be accurate. Also, I removed people credited only for up to three episodes, making a number of exceptions for actors who are widely known. You'll just have to deal with my judgment on who is famous and who isn't, because that made the difference of a couple hours. And I apologize in advance for any errors; they may or may not be my own.

I have really only indicated if someone is still "active", which is also my personal judgment. I figured if they had a real title for something released in the past few years, they can be considered active. I have noted the last decade I considered them really active as well.

Ruptured Brook

2/14/2022 4:34:49 PM

Series Directed by
Burt Metcalfe Y Appearing/assisting with stuff but not directing/writing/acting

Series Writing Credits
Dennis Koenig N 90s
David Isaacs N 10s
Ken Levine Y But with an asterisk; he still blogs almost daily and he writes plays and stuff for small theaters…otherwise N and 10s
Dan Wilcox N 10s
Larry Balmagia N 00s
Karen Hall N 10s
Elias Davis N 10s
David Pollock Y Very little work lately though
John Rappaport N 10s
Robert Klane N 90s
Linda Bloodworth-Thomason N 10s
Gary Markowitz N 00s

Ruptured Brook

2/14/2022 4:35:37 PM

Series Cast
Alan Alda Y Doing his podcast (Clear and Vivid) ... Capt. Benjamin Franklin 'Hawkeye' Pierce251 episodes, 1972-1983
Loretta Swit N Last acting credit was 2019 (and that was her first in about 20 years) ... Maj. Margaret 'Hot Lips' Houlihan251 episodes, 1972-1983
Jamie Farr Y Some ... Cpl. Maxwell Q. Klinger / ...215 episodes, 1972-1983
Gary Burghoff N Last I heard was managing an HOA or something; Last acting credit in 10s ... Cpl. Walter 'Radar' O'Reilly180 episodes, 1972-1983
Mike Farrell Y Some ... Capt. B.J. Hunnicutt179 episodes, 1975-1983
Jeff Maxwell N Podcasting about M*A*S*H, but not acting in 20 years ... Pvt. Igor Straminsky / ...48 episodes, 1973-1983
Todd Susman Y Some ... P.A. Announcer / ...1 episode, 1973-1979
Sal Viscuso Y Some ... P.A. Announcer / ...3 episodes, 1976-1979
Odessa Cleveland N 10s ... Lt. Ginger Bayliss, RN / ...20 episodes, 1972-1975
Dennis Troy N Not since M*A*S*H (or that era) ... Corpsman / ...13 episodes, 1973-1983
Sheila Lauritsen N Not since M*A*S*H (or that era) ... Nurse Sheila / ...6 episodes, 1972-1974
Shari Saba N Not since M*A*S*H (or that era) ... Lt. Shari, RN / ...11 episodes, 1980-1983
Bobbie Mitchell N Not since M*A*S*H (or that era) ... Lt. Baker, RN / ...16 episodes, 1973-1976
Gwen Farrell N Not since M*A*S*H (or that era) ... Nurse / ...9 episodes, 1972-1983
G.W. Bailey Y Some ... Sergeant Luther Rizzo / ...14 episodes, 1979-1983
Enid Kent N 90s ... Lt. Bigelow, RN13 episodes, 1976-1983
Jo Ann Thompson N Not since M*A*S*H (or that era) ... Nurse Jo Ann / ...11 episodes, 1978-1983
Laurie Bates N Not since M*A*S*H (or that era) ... Nurse / ...3 episodes, 1977-1981
Bill Snider N 80s ... Corpsman / ...10 episodes, 1976-1983

Ruptured Brook

2/14/2022 4:35:54 PM

Jennifer Davis Westmore N 00s ... Nurse9 episodes, 1975-1983
Jan Jorden N 80s ... Nurse Baker9 episodes, 1978-1983
Eileen Saki N 10s ... Rosie / ...8 episodes, 1976-1981
Judy Farrell N 10s ... Nurse Able7 episodes, 1976-1983
Patrick Adiarte N 00s ... Ho-Jon / ...7 episodes, 1972-1973
Byron Chung N 00s ... Korean Soldier / ...7 episodes, 1972-1982
James Carroll Y Some ... Courier / ...7 episodes, 1976-1982
Lynnette Mettey Y Choreography assistant (2022) ... Lt. Nancy Griffin / ...6 episodes, 1973-1976
Leland Sun N 90s ... Soldier / ...4 episodes, 1972-1982
Frank Pettinger N Not since M*A*S*H (or that era) ... Corpsman / ...2 episodes, 1978-1983
Lynne Marie Stewart Y Some ... Lt. Baker, RN / ...5 episodes, 1975-1977
Tom Dever N 80s ... Corpsman / ...4 episodes, 1973-1978
Bonnie Jones N Not since M*A*S*H (or that era) ... Lt. Barbara Bannerman3 episodes, 1972-1975
James Saito Y Lots ... South Korean / ...3 episodes, 1973-1981
Virginia Ann Lee N Not since M*A*S*H (or that era) ... Korean Daughter / ...2 episodes, 1972-1976
Marcia Gelman N Not since M*A*S*H (or that era) ... Nurse Jacobs / ...2 episodes, 1972-1973
Shizuko Hoshi N 00s ... Mother / ...4 episodes, 1974-1979
Clyde Kusatsu Y Lots ... Kwang Duk / ...4 episodes, 1973-1982
Phyllis Katz N 10s ... Nurse / ...4 episodes, 1976-1979
June Kyoto Lu Y Not in the past few years but lots in the last 5 years, may still be active ... Korean Woman / ...4 episodes, 1976-1983

Ruptured Brook

2/14/2022 4:36:11 PM

Joshua Bryant N 10s ... Pvt. Jack Scully / ...3 episodes, 1979
Loudon Wainwright III Y Not in the past few years but lots in the last 5 years, may still be active ... Capt. Calvin Spalding3 episodes, 1974-1975
Mary Jo Catlett Y Some ... Nurse Walsh / ...2 episodes, 1976-1978
Stuart Margolin Y Some ... Captain Phillip G. Sherman / ...2 episodes, 1972-1974
Michael O'Keefe Y Lots ... Corporal Richard Travis / ...2 episodes, 1974-1977
Dennis Dugan Y Some ... Pvt. Danny McShane / ...2 episodes, 1975-1983
Robert Ito N 00s ... Lin / ...2 episodes, 1972-1976
Karen Philipp N 80s ... Lt. Maria 'Dish' Schneider2 episodes, 1972
Hilly Hicks N 00s ... Corporal Moody / ...2 episodes, 1975-1977
Sab Shimono Y Some ... Jin / ...2 episodes, 1978-1980
Rosalind Chao Y Lots ... Soon-Lee / ...2 episodes, 1983
Rita Wilson Y Some ... Lt. Lacey, RN / ...2 episodes, 1982
Joan Van Ark Y Some ... Lt. Erica Johnson / ...1 episode, 1973-1978
Teri Garr N 10s ... Lt. Suzanne Marquette1 episode, 1973-1978
Ron Howard Y Obviously ... Wendell1 episode, 1973
Kelly Jean Peters N 00s ... Lt. Louise Anderson1 episode, 1973
Burt Young Y Lots ... Lt. Willis1 episode, 1973
Richard Masur Y Lots ... Lt 'Digger' Detmuller1 episode, 1975
Blythe Danner Y Lots ... Carlye Breslin Walton1 episode, 1976
Shelley Long Y Some ... Lt. Mendenhall1 episode, 1980

Ruptured Brook

2/14/2022 4:36:31 PM

Susan Saint James Y Some ... Aggie O'Shea1 episode, 1980
Barry Corbin Y Lots ... Sgt. Joe Vickers1 episode, 1981
Dirk Blocker Y Some ... James Mathes1 episode, 1981
Jeffrey Tambor Y Some ... Maj. Reddish1 episode, 1982
George Wendt Y Lots ... Pvt. La Roche1 episode, 1982
Tom Atkins Y Some ... Major Lawrence Weems1 episode, 1982
James Cromwell Y Lots ... Leo Bardonaro1 episode, 1977
Susan Blanchard N 80s ... Nurse Cooper1 episode, 1977
Sandy Helberg N 10s ... Cpl. Bannister1 episode, 1982
Pat McNamara N 10s ... 'Gentleman Joe' Cavanaugh1 episode, 1982
Dennis Holahan N 10s ... Per Johannsen1 episode, 1983
George Morgan N 90s ... Lt. Father Francis John Patrick Mulcahy1 episode, 1972
Mary Kay Place Y Lots ... Lt. Louise Simmons1 episode, 1974
Philip Baker Hall Y Some ... Sgt. Hacker1 episode, 1977
Ed Begley Jr. Y Lots ... Pvt. Paul Conway1 episode, 1979
Joe Pantoliano Y Lots ... Cpl. Gerald Mullen1 episode, 1981
Laurence Fishburne Y Lots ... Corporal Dorsey1 episode, 1982
Andrew Dice Clay Y Some ... Corp. Hrabosky1 episode, 1982
Captain Tuttle N Not since he fell out of that chopper ... Self1 episode, 1973
Larry Wilcox Y Lots ... Corporal Mulligan1 episode, 1977
Xander Berkeley Y Lots ... Marine1 episode, 1981
William Katt Y Lots ... P.F.C.1 episode, 1972
Ned Bellamy Y Some ... G.I.1 episode, 1982

Ruptured Brook

2/14/2022 4:36:53 PM

Series Produced by
John Rappaport N 90s
Jim Mulligan N 80s
Allan Katz N 10s
Don Reo Y Some

Series Music by
Benny Golson Y Still working some; may still be playing his saxophone at jazz clubs
Duane Tatro N 80s

Series Film Editing by
Larry L. Mills N 90s

Series Casting by
Joyce Robinson N 90s

Series Art Direction by
John Leimanis N 00s
Frank T. Smith N Not since M*A*S*H (or that era)

Series Set Decoration by
Bert Allen N 80s
Donald E. Webb N 80s

Series Production Management
David Hawks N 80s
Ted Butcher N 90s

Series Second Unit Director or Assistant Director
Cathy Kinsock N 80s
Leonard S. Smith Jr. N 80s
Robert Doudell N 90s
Barbara Gelman N 90s

Series Art Department
Douglas Stubbs N Not since M*A*S*H (or that era)
Michael Casey N 10s
Kurt V. Hulett N 10s
Peter McGuire N 90s

Series Sound Department
Rached M'Dini Y Lots
James A. Corbett N 10s
William Hartman N 90s
Edward Rossi N 80s
Tony Romero N Not since M*A*S*H (or that era)
Burt Grovenor N Not since M*A*S*H (or that era)

Ruptured Brook

2/14/2022 4:37:11 PM

Series Special Effects by
Jay King N 10s
Ted Koerner N 00s
Robert W. King N 00s

Series Stunts
Leslie Hoffman N 00s
Jean Coulter N 80s
Tom Elliott Y Some
Pat Romano Y Lots
Rick Sawaya N 10s
Jesse Wayne N 10s
Craig R. Baxley N 10s

Series Camera and Electrical Department
Curtis Foster N 10s
Dave Friedman Y Lots
Michael Hofstein Y Some
Al LaVerde Y Some
Charles Lantz N 90s
Gerald B. Wolfe Y Lots
Richard Thorpe N 00s
J.B. Richner N 00s
Michael D. O'Shea N 10s
Thomas P. Powell N 00s
John C. Moulds N 10s

Series Editorial Department
Joseph Silver N 10s
Virgil E. Hammond III Y Some
Raymond Grabowski N 10s

Series Music Department
Loudon Wainwright III Y Couldn't find it on IMDB, but I'd wager he's still playing folk music shows
Carol Kaye N 10s

Series Transportation Department
Chris Haynes N 10s
Julio Salazar N 10s
Dean E. Mason N 00s

Series Additional Crew
Walter D. Dishell N 90s
Rita Hudis N 80s
Lee Sollenberger N 10s

Ruptured Brook

2/14/2022 4:38:13 PM

P.S. the "some" and "lots" refers to just how busy they are. This was arbitrary as with a bunch of the rest of it, but "some" is basically some work in the past 3 years, and "lots" is 5+ credits in the past 3 years.



2/16/2022 10:27:42 AM

Well done

I figured at best to get a dozen or so. You blew that out of the water.

I think there's enough folks for a 50th anniversary reunion special sort of thing.
I lost track of how many kinda regulars there were and that are still around. I mean folks that were in a number of episodes, you saw them, and they may or may not have had a line - "resting comfortably, Doctor," or some such line.

Ruptured Brook

2/18/2022 1:00:47 PM

Re: the crew, I'm sure a bunch of those people weren't really "creative forces" behind the show; transportation department guys, for instance, those guys had hundreds of different credits on their pages. But lots of them were too, I'm sure.

I would think that you could expect the writers to consider themselves driving forces, as well as anyone in production, editing, art/set design, casting and music.

I'm surprised that only Gene Reynolds survives of the directors (besides Alda/Farrell/Farr), and am really curious at the numbers of stunt personnel. What stunts were there?

Ruptured Brook

2/18/2022 1:01:19 PM

I guess maybe that was soldiers jumping away from explosions?



3/11/2022 3:04:09 AM


Smells like another potential thread...
I remember Frank falling in at least two trenches; one time, Hawkeye and Trapper parked a jeep on top of it to trap Frank while they watched his wedding film. Another time BJ filled it with water, asked Sidney to scream, "Air raid!!", and Frank jumped into the filled trench.
A very drunk Potter and Hawkeye jumped into a foxhole on their way back from a Korean hospital.
There's been some fightin' at Rosie's.
BJ and Hawkeye have wrecked in a jeep at least once.
Clayton Kibbee (spelling?) did a little stunt riding on BJ's motorcycle.
Don't know if all those would have had stuntmen, but it's possible.


9/18/2022 1:52:01 AM

And let us not forget Captain Tuttle and Klinger's camel Habibi.

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