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Big Daddy O'Reilly

7/1/2020 10:14:06 PM

"Smilin' Jack" Something Rubs Me the Wrong Way

In "Smilin' Jack," Radar is asked to sit with a patient in Post-Op to keep him company, and help ease his nerves since he doesn't want to go back up to the front after being wounded twice. At one point in their chat, Radar gives the patient his lucky four-leaf clover; the patient tells Radar he's a nice guy, to which Radar says, "Used to get hit if I wasn't."

Anything we've ever known about Radar's life growing up, and his family, that just sounds so out of the ordinary for him . . . Frank, definitely, but Radar, no.



7/1/2020 11:44:08 PM

Wonder if he's talking about school

or non-family stuff. I could see him being taken advantage of at school. But, yeah, I don't see that happening at home, either.

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