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Captain Tuttle

7/1/2020 1:13:58 PM

Gary and the Producers

What happened between Gary and the producers that led to the show hardly acknowledging his character after he left? Were there hard feelings?

Big Daddy O'Reilly

7/1/2020 9:29:45 PM

At the time, the cast and crew described him as being very difficult to work with, especially during his last few seasons: he often showed up late for work and always had excuses for such that they were getting fed up with. He was also described as being a diva, who often lashed out at others and was rather irritable and whiney.

Gary doesn't deny any of this, but he also admits at the time, he had no idea why he behaved the way he did, because Burn Out hadn't been medical diagnosed as an actual condition just yet. He also admits that in spite of his behavior on the set, he never intended to act out of malice or ill feelings, and that he really, truly did love and respect his colleagues on the set.

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