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6/28/2020 10:47:21 AM

C*A*V*E Realization

I rewatched this episode last night and it did not occur to me until last night, when they temporarily left the camp to go to the cave, there was no sign or no mention of Potter's horse Sophie...did they leave that poor dear animal behind? Now I'm wondering big time...



6/28/2020 6:53:10 PM

Think of TV families...

I'm afraid Sophie got the same treatment as the kids. Two shows that come to mind that I watch:

"Everybody Loves Raymond" - every caretaker is in the same room, but no kids, no sounds of kids anywhere. Who's watching them? I can't imagine leaving Michael and Geoffrey for more than 5 minutes alone!
"Hill Street Blues" - (Just started watching recently). Frank and Fay have a son, Frank, Jr. They both work in the precinct in part of the series (I'm in season 6 right now) during the day and somehow can both go on dates or whatever in the evening - where's Frank, Jr??? Is he a kid in the streets? Latchkey kid?
At least as sickening sweet as "Full House" was, they largely accounted for the kids! Same with "The Brady Bunch" and "The Waltons."
I'm afraid they stuck some hay in the barn, water in the trough and left her to fend for herself!

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