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Captain Tuttle

12/26/2019 2:32:04 PM

Favorite Nurse other than hot lips

Between Ginger, Kelly and Bigelow...I would pick Kelly. I always thought she could've played a bigger role but was held back.


12/26/2019 6:44:21 PM

Big fan of I'm going to have to go with her.

I also liked Margie and a couple of the nurses that Lynette Mettey played.

Big Daddy O'Reilly

12/27/2019 4:27:02 PM

Ginger Bayliss really added a certain something, and it really makes me wish they kept her beyond the third season; she had a really great part in "Dear Dad Three" when she takes that bigoted soldier to task for mouthing off at her.

Otherwise, I'll also say Barbara Bannerman from Season 1, if only because she was a real hottie.



1/2/2020 11:59:33 AM


Really liked the episode that featured her. Another thread I recently read asked about episodes that you related to - sometimes I think that I get overlooked or taken for granted and maybe that episode hits me.
I liked Ginger as well. What little I saw of her it seemed like she had some acting talent.
I found it odd that another nurse character was not developed during the series. Mostly there would be a significant storyline with one only to have them disappear and never be seen again.


4/16/2020 9:16:57 PM

My vote is for Bigelow. She seemed like she was Hawk's equal in many respects.

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