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10/31/2019 5:55:34 PM

What Mash topic?

What Mash topic are you most tired of seeing discussed? Trapper vs B.J.? Frank Burns?



11/3/2019 12:54:54 PM

Not really tired of anything

It's just tough to say anything I've not already said before. I guess if anything I get tired of MY same ole observations. I rarely get really new insights in rewatching MASH - which makes sense, since it's coming up on 40 years since the last episode aired and I've seen each episode at least 20 times.
Character comparisons, character growth, timeline and family inconsistencies all were fun discussions but I've done all the thinking I care to do with them.
I will chime in on many threads started by others, but I simply don't have anything to share that is thread-worthy any more.
I love the MASH 4077 podcast by Kenny and Simon (in fact the latest episode was dropped a day or two ago - I need to listen) and I'll check Big Daddy's FB group.
It is an incredible show - it's held my attention for over 40 years. Not much else has done that!


11/28/2019 1:05:42 PM

seeing discussed

guess if anything I get tired of MY same ole observations

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