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3/10/2019 6:37:11 PM

Least Chemistry between the 11 principles

Which 2 of the 11 main principle characters do you believe had the least chemistry between them?

My top vote would have to go to Frank and Father Mulcahy. They had some scenes together of course, and until season 5 Mulcahy was just a minor character, but it seems those 2 had the least chemistry between them. But that being said, even their chemistry was far better than most modern day sitcoms.


3/13/2019 9:58:04 PM


Frank was so paranoid he probably felt like Mulcahy was going to judge him, or even rat on him. It didn't matter that Mulcahy had prove numerous times, that he held the confessional, and anything told to him in secret would never pass to anyone else.

Frank also had a lowly opinion of anyone that is lower ranked than he was. Heck, he didn't respect those above him, think of Potter, and of course Henry.

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