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2/22/2019 8:14:44 AM

Topic 800! Der Tag

Hi all, and welcome to topic #800. I sometimes sleep with certain episodes on repeat on my DVD player. "Der Tag" was the one I chose last night. Two things about it bother me. 1. Klinger's explanation to Frank about how to play draw poker seemed kind of off. Also, with Frank they had 7 players. That's 35 cards dealt out to begin with, leaving only 17 left. Suppose the dealer ran out of cards??? Second, it always bothered me that Potter made Hawk & B.J. drive to the aid station to retrieve Frank. As Hawk said, they put a toe tag on him but it was FRANK'S fault that he ended up in the ambulance when he stumbled into it after going to the latrine. Thoughts on either of these things???



2/22/2019 10:53:56 AM


Perhaps Hawkeye's past shenanigans? Maybe Potter didn't buy they didn't do more than just the tag. Of course, there's lots of deviations from reality in TV - I doubt officers would be sent to pick up Frank and it's likely Frank would have been put on report at least for getting so drunk he ended up at an aid station.
Can't help much on the poker. Never have really played. Although it seems it doesn't take much to kill a hand; running out of cards seems like a really good reason to kill a hand.


3/2/2019 11:37:05 AM

Not sure about the card's thing either, But Potter did ask BJ and Hawk to "include" Frank in on more stuff so they should have done more? but if Hawk and BJ would've been hurt along with Frank?? Would leave only Potter to operate? But is like FinestKind mentioned above, LOTS of deviations from reality on the show. Like how the characters we see on screen were the ONLY doctors at MASH???

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