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Ruptured Brook

12/13/2018 1:10:12 AM

Charles' Music

Are any of you classical music fans? I am a bit of one, thanks to my dad, but it's not my first choice. Lately I've been listening to classical at work because it's easier for me to tune out as needed.

Listened to Schubert's "Trout" collection a few times over the past week and have really enjoyed it--that's the one Charles is listening to when he meets the British doctor in "UN, the Night and the Music."



12/17/2018 10:37:45 AM

It was a good call to work in David's love of classical music into the Charles character. My guess is that when the music was part of the scene, he had to act very little.
I had a classical music phase. I still enjoy it but don't actively seek it right now. I'm more into podcasts right now, but with the streaming services and satellite radio, it's much easier to listen to a good sampling of different kinds of music. At some point I'll enjoy a streaming service and classical will be on the play list.


12/17/2018 7:10:34 PM

David Ogden Stiers love of music.

David was a gifted conductor. Back in 1987, if memory serves, he was the guest conductor at the symphony my mother played for for over 30 years. As a lover of both classical music, and M*A*S*H, it was a concert I couldn't miss. Being the child of a member of the orchestra, my mom being 2nd violin, I was able to go back stage after D.O.S was done. He was very pleased that I was not only a big fan of C.E Winchester III, but also a classical music fan. He was even more pleased that I recognized the encore piece that the pianist played, though it wasn't a well known piece. I asked if it was his idea to have Charles love classical music

He said that it was one of the main requirements he had demanded when asked to do the show. I suspect that the conducting of the Korean musicians was also his idea.

D.O.S was approachable, friendly, and easy to talk to, a stark contrast to the character he played so well. D.O.S was the polar opposite politically, and I'm sure would've supported F.D.R. Even though he said he had to "suffer through 4 F.D.R elections in one episode.

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