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Big Daddy O'Reilly

5/12/2018 11:27:53 PM

None Like It Hot: Noticed Something New

They said May was going to be below average this year, but it's not, in fact, we're WELL above average right now in the 90s . . . it's not uncommon for it to get into the 90s in summer for us, but never THIS early.

So, while I'm looping "None Like It Hot" today, something new caught my eye: Nurse Jennifer is the one who snitches about Radar's ice cream. When Hawkeye and B.J. roll the ice cream into Post-Op, if you pay attention, she catches a glimpse of it, then dashes out the door; when the stampede enters Post-Op with Klinger leading the charge, "We know you got the ice cream!" Jennifer is right behind him.



5/14/2018 12:43:34 AM

Special talent

I'd like to try to list all the times you noticed something. You have a special talent.

I love how the show creators put little treasures in shows (and movies) for you to find.


6/24/2018 8:55:47 AM

The other night I'm watching the episode where the water trucks are late and Charles has his family send him bottled sparkling water: Doctor;Lover?

1) How did they scrub for surgery? I know they had some in reserve, but how did they know they would have enough? and how did they keep people out of the scrub sinks?

2) How did Charles get the bottled water sent so fast?? Usually the impression is that mail takes 5 to 7 days to reach the 4077th? And even then, how did Klinger (who delivered the mail) or somebody not catch on?? It appears that Charles has the water the next day??

3) In another episode, Hawk and BJ don't bathe for about a week and start to reek, the water supply trucks are held up here for about a week and no one stinks?

4) If the water is in holding tanks, how is there pressure to run the showers?? Some kind of pump? In one episode where Sophie needs to be irrigated, we see a water tower, but then we never see it again? Also, how does the shower water get hot?? Where is the water heater??

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