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Big Daddy O'Reilly

3/6/2018 4:11:43 AM

Noticed Two New Things in "An Eye for a Tooth"

So I've been watching a bunch of Charles-related episodes this evening in memory of David Ogden Stiers, and while watching "An Eye for a Tooth," two new things caught my eye that I hadn't noticed before in all these years:

First of all, when Toby Hill is making his emergency landing, Charles randomly makes a mad sprint across the Compound . . . and boy, he can haul ass, lemme tell ya!

Later, when Hill enters the showers, he's wearing Trapper's old yellow bathrobe.



3/6/2018 11:24:29 AM

I'll have to catch that!

The only time I remember him running is when he blew up the quail with the landmine - that time it wasn't too impressive.


3/6/2018 6:26:25 PM

ROFL recalling that scene when he ran away after the quail landed on the landmine! Hilarious! I'll have to check out "An Eye For A Tooth" again to see. I wonder if it was David himself or a stunt double?


3/8/2018 5:10:48 PM

Charles makes a run for it during a bombing in the final episode too. It cracks me up when I watch that scene because of that scream.

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