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2/28/2018 11:44:45 AM

35 years ago tonight

It's unimaginable that it now has been thirty-five years since "Goodbye, Farewell and Amen" first aired over the CBS airwaves. I'd like to hear from those of you who are old enough to remember your memories of that day and watching it that night.

I was in 10th grade and I was actually ill that day. I was in 2nd grade typing class and went to the nurse and had a fever and was sent home. I remember Mom taking me to the doctor and needing a prescription. While she ran into the pharmacy to get it, Howard Stern was on the radio and he was making some kind of mean comments about Alan Alda which made me mad!

I remember watching the finale, even though I felt unwell, and knew I'd be staying home from school the following day anyway. I was expecting part of the movie to show all the characters arriving back home for some odd reason. The other thing I recall that was disappointing to me was that Hawkeye was not seen in the Swamp at all during this finale.

Big Daddy O'Reilly

2/28/2018 4:32:26 PM

And in honor of the occasion, THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER recently published a new oral history about the show as well as its groundbreaking finale, with new interviews with the cast and crew:

All except for David Ogden Stiers, who appears to still be trying to distance himself from M*A*S*H.


3/2/2018 2:32:27 AM

Amazing that it's been so long.

I was a high school sophmore and remember that we talked about the ending of the show that next day in many of my classes. We talked about how we felt like we'd lost family members.

Who would've guessed that I had the honor of meeting David Ogden Stiers 3 and a half years later when he as conducting a symphony my mother played for.



3/3/2018 5:21:14 PM

I was in the 5th grade when the finale aired and stayed up past my bedtime to watch it. We had a VCR at the time but i wanted to see it as it aired and not recorded. I'm glad that i was old enough at the time to not only see it but remember it.


6/24/2018 9:04:56 AM

I was in 8th grade. It seemed all dark to me, Hawk is in a psych. ward and wasn't much comic relief. Was sad to see the Father lose his hearing, Winchester lose his love of music etc. The only amusing thing was how Klinger was staying in Korea after ALL the years of trying to get out! Our family got hooked on MASH from watching re-runs after the late night local news so we were all watching and it all seemed bittersweet that night.

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