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1/25/2018 1:59:54 PM

First episode you remember watching.

I'm not going through dozens of pages, so if this is repeated, I'm sorry.

Knowing that most of the fans that were young when it first started, that they'll likely have watched it from the start. But I was in 1st grade when it started, so I wasn't allowed to stay up and watch it.

I first started watching this wonderful show, a some of you know, in Seoul South Korea. We'd just moved there, so we decided to watch it. The first commander I remember was Frank, and didn't know him at all. My first Colonel of the 4077th was Potter.

This is part of the reason that I'm more of a fan of the later cast, since I was first introduced to the show with "Welcome to Korea" being my first episode.

We didn't see the first three seasons of M*A*S*H till much later.

As a side note, in the late 80s, I had the distinct pleasure of meeting David Ogden Stiers. He was the guest conductor at a Michigan symphony my mother played violin for. Being family of the symphony I was able to walk back stage after David was done. I talked to him for a while and he was very pleased that I was not only a classical music fan, but also a M*A*S*H fan as well. I was also impressed that I recognized the encore piece that the guest pianist played.

David was approachable, very nice, and also rather humble. The total opposite of Charles.

Big Daddy O'Reilly

1/25/2018 4:46:18 PM

If you can believe it, that distinction goes to "Good-bye, Radar, Part 2," however, I hadn't gotten into the series or checked it out at this point, yet. I caught this while channel surfing on cable one night almost fifteen years ago, and I happened onto the scene where Hawkeye is berating Radar for his decision to stay . . . now, BEWITCHED is another show I really enjoyed, and for whatever reason (I have no idea why), I mistook Alan Alda for Dick Sargent, and kept watching to see him in a role other than Darrin #2. I was intrigued by what I was seeing, because from what I could gather, this seemed like a war drama . . . but I heard a laugh track at some point, and thought, "Gee, they really DID put a laugh track on EVERYTHING back then." Nevertheless, I was still interested in what I saw, and I eventually made it a point that the next time I saw the pilot episode was going to be on, I'd start there and work my way through the series.

That didn't happen until a year later, but between that time, I would occasionally catch climpses of random episodes, such as. . . .

"The Grim Reaper" Where Charles brings his pheseant to share with Margaret

"Mail Call Three" Where B.J. wakes Radar up to call Peggy

"Temporary Duty" Where Margaret verbally punishes for Lorraine, making Dupree excited

"They Call the Wind Korea" Radar frantically looking for his missing guinea pig

"No Sweat" B.J. b***hing about having to clean the rain gutters

And whichever episode ended with the camp eating stolen beef.


1/25/2018 5:34:32 PM

cool response, interesting first episode.

The stolen beef is from "Father's Day", when a patient repays Hawkeye for taking care of him, since he was injured taking strawberries to the front line.



1/26/2018 11:13:08 AM

I have no idea...

I would have been in elementary school 40 years ago. I do not remember watching episodes in prime time in the earlier seasons, but that could be just my little kid brain. I do remember watching reruns (what is now called syndicated shows) of the 1st three seasons, I think on the independent station after supper, probably at 7 or 7:30, when I was in elementary school. Hawkeye and Trapper in gorilla costumes made quite an impression, so much so that I rented a gorilla costume for a Halloween party in college.



1/27/2018 6:21:57 PM

I do recall seeing Potter and B.J. before Henry and Trapper. My parents watched the show in first run and i remember the repeats being aired in the morning/early afternoon. Margaret going on about being in engaged to Donald is the only detail that has stayed with me about any first episode viewing so i can narrow that down to Season 5.


1/28/2018 1:34:01 PM

I have vague memories of catching parts of a re-run of an early episode in the late 80s. I'm racking my brain trying to remember which one, but I can't remember enough of it. I do remember the snippet I had included Klinger, as I recall my Dad telling me about the character. I probably caught a scene here and there over the years following that, as it tended to be a favourite to re-run in an afternoon timeslot.

Around about 1997, Channel Ten here in Australia were showing re-runs in prime time, which is when I actually got into the show. I can't remember the exact episode I watched properly from start to finish either, but I'm sure it was from Season 4. That's why I'm partial to the Potter/BJ era, though I like Frank and Charles about the same and for different reasons.

I am going to assume it's from early on in Season 4 though; possibly, it was "The Bus". I know it was a couple of months into the re-runs before Season 6 began and Charles came along, so I came in fairly early in Season 4.


5/1/2018 8:23:08 PM

The first episode I remember watching is The Late Captain Pierce. I recall watching that episode with my parents on it's original airing in, in fact I remember seeing it twice that season, the original broadcast in October of 1975, and then later in the season when they did the Spring and Summer repeats broadcasts. I also remember watching The Interview and The Gun, but I believe both of those I saw during the summer of 1976 during the repeat season. The reason I know then that The Late Captain Pierce was the first episode I watched was that I distinctly remember seeing it twice that season. It's first broadcast was about a week before my 9th birthday, but I recall laughing at the scene where Kilnger put snow on Burns feet while Frank was sleeping, the scene where Digger is in the shower and asks Hawkeye if it's the whole tent, to which Hawkeye responds "And nothing but the tent" and the gag about "No I'm the woman who's trying to get in by pretending I'm a guy". Also Hawkeyes quote about being "Dead, dead. The doornail type", the fight with frank in the mess hall where he shovels carrots down Frank's shirt, scene where Hawkeye is sending a telegram that says "Dear dad, I am not dead hope you are the same" and him asking his dad for an allowance again when he finally gets him on the phone.

After almost 43 years, the memory of my first episode remains pretty fresh in my head.


5/2/2018 6:11:20 AM

the first episode I saw was the first-and best-Christmas one; "DEAR DAD" when it first aired in Dec. 1972


4/24/2019 3:22:20 PM

When I was young (i.e. 4 or 5) I remember seeing a TV show discussing Henry Blake's death and how it was genuinely touching for the cast.
I remembered it not knowing what it was until about 10 years later when I started watching the show, saw the episode, and was able to put the pieces together.


7/30/2019 10:19:26 AM

In the late 70's a local station used to show re-runs after the late news at 10;30pm, I used to think it was then that our family started watching. BUT my one sister got her first apartment in 83' and she started watching re-runs then. The first episode I remember really watching was with her at her apt with Major Winchester and Col Flagg and the poker game with Potter. BUT I fully remember being all MASH versed by the time the series finale showed! The local station showed re-runs five nights a week so was possible to see a season within a month! My parents didn't watch it since they thought it was an "Army Show" I guess? I do remember watching "Sons and Bowlers" when it aired as I was home alone that night. ;-)


9/20/2019 12:01:32 AM

I felt the same way
Klinger wrote:
When I was young (i.e. 4 or 5) I remember seeing a TV show discussing Henry Blake's death and how it was genuinely touching for the cast.
I remembered it not knowing what it was until about 10 years later when I started watching the show, saw the episode, and was able to put the pieces together.

Since I first watched Season 4 I had no clue who Henry or Trapper were, so you're not alone.


10/7/2019 12:49:20 AM

First episode

I believe it was the one where Hawk and Trapper believed Frank Burns had hepatitis. By the way hellp I am new here.

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