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6/24/2017 4:59:52 AM

Favorite small scenes

What are your favorite scenes from MASH that are just a small part of the episode without being part of the main or B plot, like segments of the letter episodes or moments in an episode? Some of my favorites would be:

-- Radar trying to pass the graduation test
-- Hawkeye doing a dare to walk naked in camp (Dear Dad Again)
-- BJ and Hawkeye singing opera in the shower, especially BJ's mockup (Comrades in Arms I, I think)


6/26/2017 10:53:56 PM

The abduction of Margaret Houlihan

When Radar is asking Potter to help with birthing lessons to Korean ladies usually done by Margaret, Klinger walks by on the way to the showers.

Klinger: Good morning, my Colonel
Potter: Klinger, you look lovely in yellow.
Klinger: Always a gentleman.

Don't forget that Potter originally ordered Klinger into uniforms when he first met him. Fortunately Hawkeye and probably B.J, were able to change his mind in "Change of Command"


6/27/2017 11:46:06 PM

Hey Doc "Season 4" Radar and Klinger are in the showers talking and in between their conversation Klinger asks Radar if he could lend him some money until payday. Radar responds that he already lent Klinger money the previous month but probably went ahead and gave Klinger the money he needed. It shows to me that the two were close and liked each other.

Season 6 or 7 Margaret and Charles are talking in one of the supply rooms about how Donald's mother is not very welcoming of Margaret into the family. Charles goes on to talk about how the Winchester's and Penobscott's are wealthy people who have to be careful of who they allow to join their families. The whole scene is very funny.


8/5/2017 12:54:57 PM

Being more of a sentimental type, two small scenes for me which were very touching were...

1. When Radar walked up to Potter and told him that was the greatest thing he ever saw anyone do ever, when Potter gave Sophie to the laundry man Mr. Pak

2. When Mulcahy gave his sermon about how he was being selfish (the Patrick Swayze leukemia episode) and the Cardinal embraced Mulcahy and said in a choked up voice "You're a tough act to follow, Father."


8/14/2017 11:09:30 PM

I just thought of one!

Can't remember the episode. Radar and Potter are in Potter's office doing administrative stuff, Potter sitting at his desk, Radar standing. Two MPs have caught Klinger who was going down the Inchon River to escape. Klinger brings out and starts blowing up the raft he was going to use. The raft blowing up knocks Potter off his chair - I get a kick out of that.

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