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Ruptured Brook

3/19/2017 4:46:21 AM

"A Night at Rosie's" Something New

When Radar is trying to wake up the drunk/passed-out officer (Frank Dorsett, the unknowing soldier) and slaps him unsuccessfully, he goes over and talks to BJ about calling HQ and no one having a record of him. BJ, at this point, is dancing with the tall red-headed nurse, simply swaying back and forth (side note: I can only think of one other episode this nurse is in, "Margaret's Marriage," in the basketball scene--she has no lines in either episode, and I can't see that she's credited for them either...who is she???).

Anyway, while Radar and BJ have their short discussion, Rader sways in sync with BJ and the nurse. Why is he swaying?

Big Daddy O'Reilly

3/20/2017 4:09:32 AM

Because he's Radar.

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