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12/24/2016 5:52:48 PM

OT: Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays to everyone on the BCA message board! I hope you are all enjoying your day and take care!

Big Daddy O'Reilly

12/25/2016 4:04:56 AM

OOOH! You can't say "Happy Holidays" anymore, remember? Dictator Drumph has declared a "War on Christmas," nobody is allowed to celebrate any holiday other than Christmas because that's apparently the only holiday Americans are allowed to celebrate! :P :P :P

In all seriousness though, yes, indeed, HAPPY HOLIDAYS to the people of BCA and MASHers the world over.


1/2/2017 2:11:38 AM

Thanks much

It was nice to have a few days off, catch up a little with family, do a lot of piddling around the house, and celebrate Christmas and New Years. Hope you all were able to do the same - and celebrate the holiday of your choosing!

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