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Big Daddy O'Reilly

10/24/2016 6:15:19 PM

M*A*S*H Coming to Sundance. No, Really

Apparently, Sundance doesn't cater to independent filmmakers and the avant garde anymore (well, so much for us then), so they're now offering reruns of older shows, including M*A*S*H, which they're getting ready to add to their lineup, along with other classics as ALL IN THE FAMILY, THE BOB NEWHART SHOW, THE MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW, and THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW.

The only thing I have to say about that is, well, being down here in the south, Andy Griffith has always been on our local television even before I was born, considering he's an icon down here. Unfortunately, as of this fall, our local TV actually doesn't play Andy Griffith anymore, because they apparently had to make room in the lineup for Harry Connick, Jr.'s new talkshow.

Ruptured Brook

10/28/2016 4:27:50 PM

I'm not from the South, and I'm not a huge fan of Andy Griffith (though I certainly don't mind it!).

But replacing Andy Griffith with Harry Connick makes me want to throw up.



10/30/2016 5:40:55 PM this is the link for information on when it starts airing on sundance.

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